3 Tips For Planning A Trip With An Elderly Loved One

Just because your mother, father, or grandparent is getting older doesn’t mean that travel is completely out of the question for them. In fact, seeing new places and experiencing new things could help to keep your loved one feeling young, fit, and invested in their own life. But while all these benefits are great, it’s also important that you take care and plan appropriately when taking a trip with someone who’s more advanced in their years. So to help ensure that your travels will go off without a hitch, here are three tips for planning a trip with an elderly loved one.

Talk With Their Doctor Before Making Solid Plans

Before you and your loved one make any solid plans for your trip, like booking a flight or renting a car, Sarah Stevenson, a contributor to APlaceForMom.com, advises that you speak with their doctor about your potential plans. Especially if your loved one is dealing with some health issues, it can be very helpful to get the approval of their medical provider before you leave on your trip so you can know if they’re healthy enough or if there are certain medicines or other supplies you should bring along with you, just in case. If you choose not to visit their doctor prior to leaving, you could be inadvertently risking your loved one’s health.

Make Them Comfortable When En Route

Once you’ve got your travel plans figured out and are ready to begin your journey, Leonard J. Hansen, a contributor to Aging Care, shares that you should make your loved one’s safety, security, and comfort your top priority when you’re en route to your destination. If you’re flying, make sure you make it easy for your loved one to get through the airport and into their seat. If you plan to drive, make sure you only let your loved one behind the wheel if it’s still safe for them to drive without putting everyone at too high of a risk for getting in a car accident. Whatever form of transportation you’re taking, just make sure your loved one will be safe and comfortable throughout the trip.

Take Your Time And Plan For Rest

While you might enjoy filling your days while traveling, your elderly loved one will likely need to take things a little slower. So when you’re planning how to spend your time during your trip, AARP recommends that you plan in time to rest and build your schedule in such a way that you’re never too rushed to get to anything. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep your loved one’s spirits up as well as make your travels enjoyable for everyone involved.

If you’re wanting to do some traveling with one of your elderly loved ones, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do so safely and happily.


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