3 Tips For More Enjoyable Plane Travel

While traveling by plane is often faster and safer than traveling by car, it can also be more of a hassle having to deal with security, packing limitations, airfare, and the cramped seats and recycled air on the plane. However, with a little planning and preparation, you can make your air travel easier to deal with and more pleasant to experience. To show you how, here are three tips for having more enjoyable flights in the future.

Try A Sleep Aid

One of the best things about taking an airplane somewhere rather than driving yourself is that you’re able to fall asleep during the ride. However, not everyone finds it easy to sleep soundly on a plane, especially if you’re a nervous flyer. To help with this, many people use sleep aids to help them get drowsy and get some decent sleep while they’re in the air. But if you’ve never used a sleep aid before, trying it out right before you get to the airport might not be a great idea. Rather, Deb Hopewell, a contributor to USA Today, advises that you try out different sleep aids and dosages in the weeks leading up to your trip. This way, you’ll know exactly what sleep aids work for you and how much to take so you can sleep for just as long as is needful.

If You Plan To Work, Get An External Keyboard

Many people choose to use their time on an airplane to focus on their work and get ahead. And since it’s now possible to get Wi-Fi on many flights, it’s easier than ever to get real work done while you’re in the air. However, sitting in your seat with a laptop or tablet can get very uncomfortable after just a short period of time. To combat this, Spencer Spellman, a contributor to TripIt.com, advises that you bring a small, external or detachable keyboard with you if you’re planning to work mid-flight. This will allow you to sit with your device in a more natural way as well as take up awkward space in your seat and for the passengers sitting next to you.

Protect Your Skin

While many people know how to protect their health while on a plane, like not touching things and using hand sanitizer, most people don’t realize that their immune system isn’t the only part of their body that they should be concerned with during air travel. According to Juliana LaBianca, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, bring in a plane can also make you very susceptible to sunburn. So to avoid getting off the plane with sunburnt skin, make sure you apply sunscreen before you take off.

If you want to have more enjoyable flights in the future, consider implementing some of the useful tips mentioned above.

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