Staying Safe While Traveling

Staying Safe While Traveling

If you’re passionate about exploring foreign destinations and want to ensure that you stay safe on your travels, continue reading to find out how to stay safe during your global adventures!

Staying Safe While Traveling: 6 Saftey Tips To Consider

1. Only book accommodation in safe, well-lit areas

When it comes to choosing accommodation, it’s more important to pick a hotel which is located in a safe, well-lit neighborhood, which you feel comfortable walking around at night, than picking a hotel which offers a fancy fitness center or a pool.

To get a sense of a hotel’s neighborhood simply utilize Google Map’s street view to view the area directly surrounding your hotel. It’s also advisable to read a variety of hotel reviews on websites such as Trip Advisor, to see what tourists like yourself, think of a hotel’s area.

2. Use an app to let your friends and family members track your whereabouts

You may want to consider downloading a tracking app such as Track My Friends on your smartphone, so that someone you trust, can check up on your whereabouts to make sure that you’re safe. This is a particularly handy idea if you plan on booking a spontaneous trip and don’t have a set itinerary to follow.

3. Make sure to book comprehensive travel insurance ahead of your trip

While travel insurance can set you back several hundred dollars if you end up needing medical assistance whilst you’re overseas, a simple trip to a foreign hospital may end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

4. Don’t take part in any foolhardy activities that are unlikely to result in an injury

If you don’t want to end up in a foreign hospital, don’t take part in any activities which you wouldn’t feel safe partaking in at home. As an example, if you’re not a competent motorcycle rider, it may not be the safest idea to try and navigate Bali’s congested roads. While a healthy sense of adventure will serve you well, it’s advisable to think twice before taking part in activities which you know are unsafe.

As a second example, while you should explore the nightlife in each city which you visit, make sure to choose areas which have a safe reputation. As in every city, there are areas which are best avoided at night.

5. Keep a vigilant eye on your credit cards and debit cards

Don’t let a shop assistant or a waiter take your credit card away to process your payment as you want to ensure that the charges which are placed on your card are fair and accurate.

6. If you shop with cash, double check that you’ve received the right amount of cash

In many countries, dishonest shopkeepers who are looking to make a quick buck may try to short-change tourists change as most tourists will be unfamiliar with the currency which they may be using and are less likely to double check that they’ve received the correct change.

So if you plan on traveling overseas this year, it’s well worth keeping your wits about you and keeping the six safety tips listed above in mind!

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