How to Save Money to Travel: 6 Ways to Increase Your Travel Fun!

How to Save Money to Travel: 6 Ways to Increase Your Travel Fun!

If you’re interested in doubling your travel fund’s contents in the next six month, simply continue reading to discover 6 ways to increase your travel fund.

How to Save Money to Travel: 6 Ways to Increase Your Travel Fund

1. Opt to purchase more affordable brands of clothing

While you might have expensive taste and may prefer to purchase branded clothing, if you’re serious about saving money towards your next trip, you may want to shop around for more affordably priced clothing. As examples, Target, Walmart, Old Navy, H&M and Forever 21 all offer trendy pieces of clothing at a shockingly low price.

While you may want to splurge on special items which you’ll get a lot of use out of such as sneakers, a wool jacket or a leather jacket, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing cheap t-shirts, shorts, and jeans.

2. Purchase a more fuel efficient car

If saving money for travel is one of your primary goals, it’s well worth driving a fuel-efficient car as you can expect to save hundreds of dollars per month on gas, by swapping a gas guzzling car for a more fuel-efficient model.

3. Stock up on canned food such as canned vegetables, beans, and fruits

In order to slash your grocery budget in half, you may want to stock up on inexpensive canned foods such as canned fruit such as peaches and pears and canned vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and peas. Which will provide you with plenty of nutrients at a fraction of the price of fresh produce.

4. Cancel any subscriptions which you don’t use on a regular basis

If you pay a small fortune to be a member at a gym, which you only visit in a blue moon or pay thousands of dollars per year to belong to a golf club, it’s seriously worth canceling your unused subscriptions, in order to save money. Other subscriptions which you may want to consider canceling include a cable TV subscription or a newspaper subscription.

5. Try to make use of a car-pool

If you have children you may want to consider joining a neighborhood carpool, which means that you’ll only have to drop your children off to school once or twice per week. Which may save you a significant amount on gas. It’s also well worth talking to your colleagues to see whether or not anyone is interested on carpooling to work, in order to share gas costs.

6. Don’t be fooled by sales

While it’s always wise to shop around in order to find the best deals possible, the average individual spends far too much money on sale items, which they never end up using. As an example, there’s little point in purchasing an extra large box of cereal, which will expire before you can finish it or purchasing clothing which is too big or too small.

So if you have a couple of trips on your bucket list, which you’re currently saving for, it’s well worth being inspired by the six fantastic money saving tips listed above!

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