5 Tips on having a Nomadic Lifestyle

5 Tips on having a nomadic lifestyle

If you subscribe to the idea that life is too short to be lived in one place, you may be curious about living a nomadic lifestyle. Which involves frequently moving from one destination to another. If you’re interested in experiencing life in a variety of exotic destinations, continue reading to discover 5 helpful tips on following a nomadic lifestyle.


5Tips on having a nomadic lifestyle:

1. When possible rent an apartment instead of staying in an expensive hotel or resort

If you plan on traveling for the majority of the year, you’ll save a significant amount of money by choosing to rent long term apartments, instead of staying at an expensive hotel. Better yet, most landlords who rent apartments to travelers, offer significant discounts for travelers who book a long-term stay of a month or longer. It’s certainly well worth shopping around online, to find the best deal possible!

2. Make an effort to make friends who live in different countries around the world

It’s well worth being friendly, open and genuine as if you forge friendships with your fellow travelers, you may be able to score free accommodation around the world. Better yet, there’s no better way to experience a foreign city than to have your very own local tour guide. Who’ll be able to share their favorite local eateries, bars, and beaches with you.

3. Make sure to pack clothes which can easily be mixed and matched with a variety of pieces, to create endless outfits

As an example, each shirt which you pack should be able to paired with your jeans, shorts, and skirts and each pair of shoes which you pack such as a white pair of Converse or a brown pair of leather sandals, should be able to be paired with most of the clothing items in your suitcase. If in doubt you can’t go wrong purchasing clothes in neutral colors.

4. Visit local grocery stores and farmers markets in order to slash your food budget in half

If you plan on leading a nomadic, free lifestyle it’s well worth shopping for groceries at local grocery stores and farmers markets. Especially if you choose to rent an affordable apartment and have a fully equipped kitchen to cook the bulk of your meals. Shopping at an overseas grocery store will be an interesting experience as you’ll be sure to see products which you’ve never seen before.

5. Choose the destinations which you visit carefully

It’s well worth choosing to visit destinations which boast a low cost of living and cheap accommodation such as Bali, Vietnam, Barcelona and Costa Rica than travel destinations which are typically expensive to live in. Examples of which may include Switzerland, Italy, France, and Japan. As in some destinations, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle for $700 a month. You may even find that food and amenities are far cheaper overseas than in your home city!

So if you’re sold on the idea of leading an exciting, nomadic lifestyle, your dream can be a viable reality if you remember to follow the five simple tips listed above!

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