Power Tools That Every Builder Needs

We’ve put up a list of some of the most essential tools you’ll require, as well as some key pieces of equipment for the job site, in order to make your life easier.

Cordless drill

Hands down, this is the power tool I use the most in both my professional and personal lives. A cordless drill is essential for a wide range of activities, from putting up shelves to constructing a whole deck. The greatest kind of electric drill is powered by lithium-ion batteries, so even tiny models pack a punch. I have a large, strong model with a half-inch bit that I use for bigger construction projects as well as a small one for difficult-to-reach places.

Angle grinder

My angle grinder, which is still relatively new to my tool chest, gets used rather frequently. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder how I lived without one for so long. This compact gadget spins tiny disks at a high rate to cut and polish all sorts of materials, alternatively you could use a Shot blasting material suppliers to get the right tool. The disks themselves are only a few pounds, with the most common being designed for metal or masonry.

Chop saw

The chop saw is a close second in popularity for the most-used tool in my garage. Compound mitre saws are another name for them. Chop saws employ a large blade to cut precise holes in two-by-four boards at high speed and accuracy. They may also be used to cut PVC pipe, composite decking, and even large timber such as 4-by-8-inch beams. They’re a must-have for many DIY projects, including as trim and picture frames.

Circular saw

The circular blade on this handy power tool is a classic. It has ripped or cutting big panels like plywood because of its circular blade. You may score wood or cut all the way through with an adjustable blade height. I utilised it to shape a rustic table with massive timbers and notch a post for a deck railing in the previous weeks.

Nail gun and air compressor

For larger tasks like frame building, roofing, and trim work, nothing beats an air compressor-powered nail gun. If you’re doing finish work, a nail gun is a must-have; otherwise, you’ll have to bang nails in by hand, which usually looks unprofessional. There are several gauges for nail guns, some of which may be used with the same compressor and air hose.

Table saw

A circular saw may be used for long cuts. However, your line might become wobbly. A table saw is a necessity if you want exact long, straight cuts on a board. You may use the surface of a small, portable table saw to cut reclaimed wood cleanly and precisely, as well as match up two boards where one is 1/8-inch wider than the other.

Oscillating cutter

Oscillating cutters are ideal for certain tasks. Consider a 2-by-4 board that is hidden inside a wall and needs to be trimmed. It’s difficult to reach, and you don’t want to split the whole wall open. The small blade of an oscillating cutter can easily access hard-to-reach areas without causing as much damage. The tool employs a flat bar that vibrates at a high pace, almost like a hair clipper and tiny teeth on the bar help with surgical precision cuts.


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