How To Improve Your Property As A Landlord

It’s the little things that make all the difference – you can turn your rental property completely within a few (inexpensive) modifications. It pays to understand your market so that you may meet in the middle since landlords seek the greatest return on their investment and tenants want the finest deal on the market.

Here are a few simple adjustments to your letting property that may result in big benefits without costing you much time or effort.

A fresh lick of paint

The landlord’s best friend is painting: it may improve a room, breathe life into drab walls, brighten dark corners, and accentuate the finest features of your home. Use satin or waterproof paint that can be wiped clean. Don’t skimp on the paint job just to save money; instead, make sure everything is painted and that your woodwork is well-maintained.

Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are among the most important features of a home. While it may not be cost-effective to completely remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you can make sure that they’re clean and any issues have been addressed before showing prospective tenants around. Remove and replace foul grout (the newest fashion for coloured grout may be used to cover a slew of sins) for a fast makeover, and consider replacing door handles on cabinets. Consider purchasing new cupboard door fronts for your existing cupboards if you have a budget.

Ensure safety sells

The first and most essential thing that a landlord should do is guarantee the safety of his or her tenants. Tenants want to feel safe and secure in their homes, and it’s all due to you as the landlord. Tenants will also want to know that you prioritize their safety so they can stay in your rental property for a long time. Securing your property also aids in attracting future tenants, boosting the rental value, and lowering the chance of vandalism and theft. You can offer safety warnings in certain locations using expert engravers like The Engraving People, add door security, CCTV, and window locks should also be considered.

Ensure window frames are spotless

Windows are one of the best indicators of whether a home is well-kept or not. Make sure your windows are clean both outside and inside, in addition to being properly cleaned. If there are any mould stains on the glass, wash them out and repaint the frames. Mould on window frames indicates that condensation is an issue.

Clean carpets are key

Carpets are a genuine freebie for landlords, often revealing the signs of former tenants who have moved on to a new home. For less than £1,000 you can carpet an entire property and immediately boost its value to renters considerably. Renting a professional carpet steamer is perhaps the most affordable method to steam clean your carpets.

Comfy and stylish furniture

Students will accept ugly furniture if they are paying less rent, couples will demand any supplied furniture to be fashionable, and families will want a completely blank canvas to make a house their home. Although it sounds strange, most couples and families will not move into your home without the owner having landlord insurance.


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