How to Play Block Puzzles

On the internet, there are thousands of block puzzles you can download and play. Each of them comes with intricate designs, paragraphs of gaming instructions, and many more. However, since they all started a bang in the 1880s and later reinvented in the form of gaming software, the concept of playing block puzzles has not changed that much. Different types of block puzzles share basic gaming instructions. In this segment, we are going to give you a general step-by-step approach on how to play a block puzzle.

1.  Drag the Blocks and Move them at the Right Place

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gaming lad or an amateur trying to find your way in the gaming industry by playing block puzzles. The design of all block puzzles is the same, with blocks being at the center of the game. During playing, you will be required to drag the dropping blocks and put them where you think they will produce the best results.

The best result in our case is forming a complete horizontal line without leaving inaccessible packets. So when the block drops from the top of your screen, just drag it and put it in the right place. Time is of the essence here, and delays will force the block into a bad position that may result in losing the game.

2.  Try to Create Complete Lines

In a block puzzle, you will only win the game when you create complete lines that run either vertically or horizontally according to your gaming app’s design. Since most of the blocks come in a wide array of shapes, make sure you organize them in the correct order where they can form a complete line easily. This takes a keen sense of concentration and planning.

The diverse shapes of blocks also allow you to slot them into different places where they will produce the best results. This gives you gaming freedom other than enjoyment.

3.  Blocks can’t be Rotated

Once the block starts dropping, you cannot rotate them; instead, you will be allowed to direct them to where you think they fit properly. This might be challenging, especially when you are new to the game and you will find yourself wasting chances. But, this should not deter you because you can begin training with lower levels and hone your skills as you graduate to higher levels.

4.  You will Lose the Game when you can’t Form Complete Lines  

Again, the main aim of the block puzzle is to form as many complete lines as possible. But if you randomly stack up the blocks, it will be difficult to form even a single complete line. This, of course, will make you lose and have to repeat that level once more. Don’t be discouraged; instead, focus on learning from your mistakes and stake for better results.

Bottom Line

Playing block puzzles is simple and straightforward. Target on forming complete lines, be organized and strive to achieve higher levels. We will constantly be replenishing our blogs for more information concerning gaming; stay with us for updates.



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