How to Save Money While you Travel

How to save money while you travel revealed!

If you love traveling but find it difficult to keep to a reasonable travel budget, continue reading to discover a few simple ways to save money while you travel. So that you’ll be able to travel on a more frequent basis.

How to save money while you travel:

1. If you’re on a budget, you can easily purchase a cheap, satisfying meal from a food court

Instead of visiting cafes or restaurants for every single meal, if you’re looking to eat out on a budget, it’s well worth visiting a shopping center such as a mall, where you’ll be able to purchase an entire meal for less than 10 American dollars!

2. Visit the hottest restaurants in town, for lunch instead of dinner

If you’ve read about a must visit restaurant in a particular destination, which attracts lengthy queues in the evenings, simply book a table for lunch. As not only will you be able to secure a table, without having to queue up for over half an hour but typically restaurants lunch menus are a fraction of the price as their dinner menus. Even if the meals are roughly the same size.

3. Purchase drinks during happy hour

If you enjoy sipping on an ice cold beer or a fruity cocktail, it’s well worth visiting bars which offer heavily reduced drinks during happy hours. As there’s little point drinking away a large proportion of your budget on alcoholic drinks.

4. Head to local bars instead of drinking at your hotel or resort’s bars

Alcoholic drinks which are served at hotel bars are usually heavily marked up and significantly more expensive than the drinks which are served at local bars. In order to select bars which are friendly and safe, simply search Yelp for the top rated bars in the area which you’re in.

5. Utilize public transportation whenever you can

In most parts of the world public transportation is a safe and viable option to get around. Before booking a flight to your next travel definition, it’s well worth using Google to find out how to pay for public transportation.

As in some countries, you may have to pre-purchase and load a reloadable public transportation card with cash, in order to use buses, ferries, and trains. As in some locations, you won’t be able to pay for your fare onboard. However, in most instances, public transportation will only set you back a couple of dollars and is a far more cost-effective way to explore new destinations and to interact with friendly locals.

6. Keep a lookout for free activities and attractions

In some parts of the world such as New Zealand, it’s completely free to visit selected museums. While in other destinations such as Hawaii, local shopping centers offer free hula classes, lei making classes and ukulele classes. Other fun free activities include hiking to a waterfall, spending a day at a beach and attending free festivals and fairs.

So if you’d love to be able to afford to travel multiple times a year, it’s well worth using the tips listed above in order to save money whilst traveling.

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