5 Things It’s Still Best To Use Checks When Traveling (Free Coupon Inside)

Although the use of online money transfer has increasingly gained popularity, it may not be a viable method to pay for products and services in brick and mortar business. In addition, some businesses do not accept credit and debit card payment and this leaves the check as a preferred payment method for personal and business purposes. Whereas you can obtain checkbook from your bank, Checks Unlimited designs and personalizes checks in a way to appear professional and captivating. In addition, they offer 10% Checks Unlimited codes to make your purchase more enjoyable and affordable. Let’s explore the 5 things that you can use checks for.

1. To Purchase Products in Stores

As mentioned earlier, some business won’t allow you to pay for goods via electronic systems or debit and credit cards. Some will insist that you pay via checks, especially when making large payments. There is a proven desire for financial management that comes with the use of checks and the evidence of payment provided by checks makes some businesses to stick to the papers.

2. Paying Rent

Despite owners of large commercial properties adapting to innovative payment methods, a large number of small-scale property owners have not. Furthermore, the landlords lag in implementing or don’t plan to implement online payments at all. Hence, they stick to accepting deposits and rent in the form of paper checks.

3. Settling Bills

Countless utility companies such as water and electricity companies still recommend their customers to pay their pending bills via checks. Some companies were started in the ‘paper era’ when checks were the prevalent payment modes and are adamant to adopt new technology and hence will recommend you to send them checks when paying bills. In addition, you can use the papers to clear your hotel and hospital bills.

4. Sending Monetary Gifts

Gift cards are commonly used to send a monetary gift. However, your recipient can only use the gift card to purchase goods from a particular store or related business and hence the card comes with limited freedom of use. Nevertheless, you can send your loved one a cheque with the same value as a gift card, but the check gives them more freedom to use the money as they wish.

5. Paying Taxes

Most tax agencies don’t accept cash payments of taxes, whether personal or business taxes. In addition, they may not have reformed their payment systems to modern ones and hence it becomes viable to mail them a check. However, the IRS does not accept a single check of $100 million or more and hence you will be required to send several checks to clear taxes beyond the limit.

Although modern payments such as credit and debit cards, wired transfers, and online payments account for most payments, checks still have several applications in the modern world and you can use them as outlined above. You may opt to order customized checks online from Checks Unlimited.

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