6 Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend If You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

Loving can hurt and it can get hard sometimes but it’s the sole force running the universe around. If you are in a long distance relationship, this hurt and toughness get amplified by times because of the physical distance between two hearts utterly in love. The loneliness, the craving for your partner just increase with every passing second. A phone call becomes precious than money itself and nights are awaited to hear the voice of your love. A hug seems like long lost things and with all the might, you both wish to see each other somehow.

Being in a long distance relationship is never easy but a few tricks here and there might keep the flame alive forever, hoping the distance will reduce soon. Although, there are innumerable ways written on the internet to please and surprise a girl we are going another way around here. Because no matter how sturdy your man is, he still possesses a mushy heart that loves to get pamper and get loving surprises from time to time. Here are a few ways how you could make your guy a happy lad while being in a long distance relationship with him:

The Birthday Surprise

Just play along with this idea! Do not mention his birthday till the last minute and arrange a surprise for him at midnight. How to do so, you ask? Order cake online for him and schedule for its delivery at 12 o’clock midnight and see the magic of love unfold while he stands at the door completely smitten with the surprise.

Send Him A Care Package

This requires minimal effort but will speak volumes about your caring heart. Pick some of the essentials from the market, grooming kit, snacks, medicines, earphones and anything that seems fit for him and bundle them together in a basket. Send this to him and make him fall in love with you all over again.

Gift A Good Luck Plant

Plants make for a perfect gift when it comes to showing the person that you care and think about them a lot.   he will water this plant or take a look at it, he will be reminded of your love, breathing and alive. Pick a good luck plant to send some positive energy and prosperity on his way.

Write Open When Letters for Him

Write a few letters for some happy and sad situations when you know your partner craves to be with you. Pour your heart out so when he reads them, he will feel like you are right there with him holding hands and caressing his hair. You will enjoy making this surprise for him as you get to say everything you can’t at the phone call.

Plan A Surprise Visit

Avoid this step if the relationship is not one hundred per cent healthy and trusting but if you two are already in the phase where you can walk a thousand miles just to see each other tonight, then this is the ultimate surprise you can give to him. To see your face and hug you will be worth a million dollars for him.

Shop For Him

He might not express it but he loves a good outfit as much as you do. So surprise him by shopping some trendy picks to put on a voguish ensemble for him. He will be delighted to the core of his heart.

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