Please Understand This Before Writing Your Thesis

Are you looking for good tips to quickly and successfully graduate your thesis or graduation proposal? How do you write a good thesis when the finish line seems so far away or you have no idea how to proceed? Know what the thesis is at first!

The start of your thesis

Before you start thinking about a possible topic for your thesis, it is important to have a clear understanding of what exactly a thesis is. Then, in this phase, you will search for a suitable subject for your graduation report. After finding a suitable subject you start your search for searching and finding suitable literature. At the end of this phase you set up the problem, central question and research questions. This phase is often concluded by writing a graduation proposal.

What is a thesis?

Everyone is familiar with writing an essay, but it is important to carefully examine what exactly thesis writing entails and how this appears but at the same time also differs from a thesis. An essay is a piece in which you have clear paragraphs and in each section a position with an argument emerges. In the entire essay you actually answer the central question. The arguments you submit are supported by research and these arguments can support or reject the different perspectives of your topic. In the end there is a conclusion that brings together all the information in which your opinion is supported or rejected. The point is that you are able to analyze information and write a unique piece of it. I always use this approach even when I ask someone to write my essay.

A thesis is also based on writing an essay and should bring together different points of view and information. However, it is a more extensive piece, in which you have to carry out a thorough investigation independently. Make sure that you conduct independent (primary) research in a thesis and therefore can’t rely on existing information from the theory alone. This is immediately the biggest difference between an essay and a thesis: independently choosing and justifying the research method and then carrying out the analysis, analyzing and reporting.

Manage your thesis supervisor

Because a thesis is an independent and individually written document, you receive a personal thesis supervisor from the educational institution. He or she is your supervisor during the entire thesis process and it is therefore important to enter into a good relationship with your thesis supervisor and to maintain it. So make a first appointment with your supervisor because it is important not only to talk together about which thesis topic you want to research, but also how you can best work on your thesis. Everyone is different and it is good to check with yourself where you think you are going to have trouble while writing your thesis. Everyone has a different work style, but there are also big differences in motivation and perhaps it helps you to make fixed appointments with your supervisor, for example. Ask yourself prior to the first interview well informed of the requirements and criteria of the thesis from your study. It often states how much guidance you can expect from your supervisor.

It is good to make agreements about this in the first interview; when are the contact moments and how is the contact (on location, by telephone, e-mail). If you like working with deadlines, you can schedule a number of interim deadlines with your supervisor. Also make sure you have a pleasant contact with your supervisor after the first interview and prepare all the following appointments. There are limits to the guidance from school, so use it as effectively as possible!

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