Lesser known tourists places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been the attraction of tourists for ages. There are innumerable places one can explore here. Talking about the list of the places that one should visit in Sri Lanka, then you will mostly come across the most popular places. But, there are various other places that have their own beauty and significance, and the only thing that is different here is that they are not popular or explored yet. Going there is not so difficult as you can book Srilanka package that contain all such places.

However, here is a list of those lesser known tourist places that can turn your vacation into a great one.


This is said to be the remains of the older capital of Sri Lanka, which served as the capital for a very short time. If observed carefully, one can see the remains of a stupa and some trees which was once the meditating home for Buddhist monks. In the first view, you will find a staircase in the front and the structure of two lions on the both sides of the gateway. It is said that they were made when the country had some links with China. Once you will start climbing the staircase, it will take more than an hour to reach at the top. By calculating the distance, it seems difficult to reach the final point of the monument, but the site that you see from the top of it is worthy of all the difficulties you faced on the path.

Casuarnia beach

This beach is located in the north of Sri Lanka. Starting from the Jaffna mainland, this beach is situated on the Karaitiva Island. The place is named after the Casuarina tree because the beach is surrounded by this tree from all the sides. The simplicity and calmness of this beach make it the best morning spot.

Air force museum

At the Southeast of Colombo, there exists the Sri Lanka air force museum. This museum has a collection of antique airplanes and helicopters. There area in which this setup is created looks like a park. It has paths made for the visitors to walk in. This place is best for those who like airplanes and stuffs like that.

Delft Island

This beautiful island at the Indian Ocean is not so popular, but is a complete beauty. The reason behind the less popularity of this island is that there is not much sources through which one can reach the place. One or two boats go there in a whole, which makes it difficult for the visitors to explore the place. But, with all these defects, this place is very peaceful and soothe you from within.

Richmond castle

This castle was established at the initial stage of the 19th century. This is located on a hill in kalutara and is spread in an area of 32 acres. There is no need to describe the beauty of this place as one can assume it by the location. Now a day, this castle is not at its best positions, but is expected to be renovated soon. One who loves ancient art and architecture must visit this place once in their lifetime.

So, these are a few places that are not know everywhere, but are significant and one must visit them.



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