Is Bingo Going To Change In 2020?

We are only in the early part of 2020 and already it is proving a year to forget. Winter flooding destroyed many people’s lives and now unexpectedly, we are living in a nightmare that resembles a plot of a horror movie, as the Corona Virus continues to spread through much of the country. This of course has affected all aspects of our lives and many people have lost loved ones – click to play.

A Year Like No Other

The economy has been affected too and many industries have suffered due to the lockdown of the nation. This includes the gambling industry that has seen horse racing cease and the cancelation of the biggest race on the planet, the Grand National.

However, it is at times like these that people need entertainment and escapism to help ease the worries of such disturbing global events. With bingo halls across the country closed to the public the emphasis is now on the online form of the game and this will continue to take center stage during these pandemic.

More free bingo sessions are now available for many online bingo players across many brands. This not only keeps loyal customers playing during these troubled times, but it also helps attract and keep new players who may be trying the online version for the first time, due to the closure of land-based bingo venues.

When Things Return To Normal

If the virus outbreak is ended in 2020, then life will slowly return to some sort of normality, but what might change will be that more people would have become accustomed to the online version and prefer to stick with it. This will lead to bingo halls having to pull out all the stops to bring back its cliental.

Luckily, bingo customers are very loyal to a brand and return regularly to their chosen venues and this may prevent the closure of bingo halls due to lost revenue. Again, those bingo brands that have a secure online presence will do the best and lose the least. With the possibility of the virus returning, more cashless payment options will be expected at bingo halls across the country, as cash is handled frequently by many different people and might be a source of infection. Cashless payment apps are already popular with the new younger customers bingo now attracts, so the transition should be a smooth one.

Some Lighthearted Relief

On a lighter note, it is thought that 2020 could be the year that millennials force change in traditional bingo caller phrases. Out will go ‘two fat ladies 88’ and this will be replaced by ‘Will and Kate 88’. ‘Time for tea 83’ could well be replaced by ‘gluten free 83 and how about 48, not another Brexit debate?

These were suggestions that were put forward by young players in a survey by a popular bingo brand. However, many bingo halls are hoping these updated phrases never see the light of day.


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