Guide for 80 Ball Bingo

When you go to play bingo games for the first time, it can all feel a bit daunting – in some cases, even downright confusing. But, not to worry, we’re here to help guide you through one of the ultimate classics in the world of bingo games. The game of 80 ball bingo. Read on to find out more, or even head on over to Barbados Bingo and find a game to play already.

What is 80 Ball Bingo?

One of the classics when it comes to bingo games, 80 ball bingo is one of the more well known bingo games out there in any club. You’ll find 80 ball bingo prevalent in bingo games halls, and it’s one many players will play during bingo games intervals. It’s worth knowing this 80 ball bingo game is also known as shutter bingo.

When this choice of bingo games is played in a bingo hall, a player will have a number on their board which they can then cover with a shutter board. 80 ball bingo, or shutter bingo, doesn’t occur during the online bingo games but it’s fun to know about anyway. Also, although it’s a classic, 80 ball bingo isn’t as popular as 90 or 75 ball bingo games.

From Bingo Games Halls to the Online Casino

We’re not quite sure why this bingo games variation isn’t widely available in the online casino industry as it would give players more bingo games options. And, what could be better than playing a good old fashioned bingo games classic consisting of 80 ball games online? I guess that’s when we know the online casino has truly come a long way.

There are a few reasons why online casino players might enjoy 80 ball bingo games, and it’s worth noting here it’s one of the fastest choice of bingo games. So, if online casino players love to play exciting games with super fast gameplay they’re likely going to more than love 80 ball bingo. Those used to the bingo games halls would also love this at an online casino!

How 80 Ball Bingo Works

When you buy a ticket, there will be an ID number with each one, or board. This number will then be recognised by your device when any player wins an online bingo game. As soon as you’ve got your tickets and your bingo games begin, the caller announces the colour before the number.

So, for example, with online bingo you’ll hear white 72, blue 48, and so on. This differs if you’re playing bingo games in a hall, though. You will have to mark your numbers there by closing shutter boards. If you’re playing online however, the shutters will close automatically on all windows with a winning number.

80 Ball Bingo Conclusion

So there you have it, no matter what level you’re at with bingo games, you can feel confident gaming with online bingo or elsewhere. It’s a favourite for a reason, so why not head on over to your favourite online casino and put your newly-learned skills into practice today?

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