Types of Shutters to Install on my Windows


They give us freshness and shade during the summer, but intimacy in the winter. There are different types and they are considered great allies in the home. Do you know what we are talking about? Yes, from the Shutters. Despite its great utility in the daily life of families, there are still people who are unaware of the types of Shutters that exist today.

Before you know all the types Plantation Shutters, you should know that there are two large groups: indoor and outdoor Shutters. The former is placed in the window frame, while the latter are installed on the wall. Remember that you must ask the community for permission to post them.

1. Venetian Shutter

They are the most common in Australian Plantation Shutters. They offer you a great variety in terms of shapes, colors and materials.

They are versatile, since you can include them in any interior design concept. In addition, they are very practical thanks to the rotation system that they have, with slats, which adjust perfectly to the angle and intensity of the sun’s rays at all times.

2. Vertical Shutters

Obviously, this type of Shutters hangs longitudinally, from top to bottom. Its mechanism, which always responds to the twist of the wrist, has ended up making them common in homes across the country.

3. Roller Shutters

They are practical and somewhat expensive, but they are very modern inside the house. They are usually installed in spacious and new houses, providing an intimate touch that you like, especially if you are a discreet person. They have a large enclosure, which protects the home from the sun’s rays and from possible foreign glances.

They tend to adapt perfectly to the home, covering doors or high-rise windows and giving a greater sense of cleanliness when they are collected. They can also be outdoors, although they are less and less used since they do not insulate the house from the wind, for example.

4. Japanese Panel Shutters

They are considered to be the most exotic. In some cases, even as the most elegant, since its minimalist designs allow colors to be combined in a balanced and harmonious way.

Those with a Japanese panel usually shine in original or prominent environments, such as windows or sliding doors, although you can also use them at the entrances to outdoor patios or gardens. They are recommended in places where there is a lot of space, such as living rooms or bedrooms.

5. Wood Shutters

They are placed outside. They are considered the best option to protect your home from sound (in areas with high traffic density) and light. They are quite inexpensive and add a nice touch to the environment.

6. Thermal Shutters

They protect from the outside from noise and street temperatures. They are made of aluminum and are, unlike what you think, very comfortable to get on and off.

7. Adjustable Shutters

They are made without joints and in a single piece. Its resistance and durability are guaranteed. The main advantage of them is that they allow air circulation and, at the same time, control light. Therefore, they facilitate controlling energy consumption in any season.

Did you not know the main models of Shutters for exterior and interior that exist in the market? Surely it is a much more varied world than you imagined before you started reading!

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