Clear The Fog: 5 Benefits Of Switching To Solar Power

You’ve probably heard plenty of spam messages about how solar power can change your life, but it’s a little more important to understand why. Why should millions of people all around the globe tap into their savings to setup a functional solar power system?

To make the right decision on solar power options for your home, you must first be able to see the true pros and cons of this alternative power source. Take a moment to read through a few specific ways in which solar power can benefit your family’s future.

State the obvious

The most obvious benefit of switching to solar power is that it is a clean, renewable form of energy. Solar power reduces the need to rely on oil, coal, and gas.

It’s a well-known fact that the use of fossil fuels is ultimately damaging to the planet, and solar power is a step towards eliminating future damage. Residential solar energy is the future of saving our planet from a very rapid degrade.

Get off the grid

Switching your home to solar-powered utilities will take you off of the nation’s electrical grid. The benefit to being off of that grid is that when everyone else loses power, you’ll be sitting pretty in a well lit home.

The electricity grid in the U.S. was designed over a hundred years ago, and it is simply not equipped to handle the energy needs of the country. The U.S. has more power outages than any other developed nation, and solar power would be a feasible solution to the problem.

You will qualify for tax breaks

For three years, homeowners have had the opportunity to claim a standard 30 percent of the total cost of solar installation. Next year, the perk goes down to 26 percent, and it is scheduled to decrease in the years to come.

If you want to get the most out of your switch to solar power, the time to opt in is now. Solar power will even grant you a boost in value on your home equity.

Solar switch has gone down in cost

In just ten years, the cost of installing residential solar power has fallen more than 70 percent. Now is the time to make the investment in solar paneling, and live with the peace of mind solar offers. If you also wish to research the benefit of solar batteries, you’ll find that they have become much more affordable in recent years as well.

Solar power isn’t linear in utility

Another clear benefit of solar power is that turning on your lights isn’t the only practical application for the technology. Solar energy can be used to create potable water as well.

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