A Terminal Illness Diagnosis is Stressful. These Tips Will Reduce Your Stress

No one wants to receive that dreadful message from a doctor saying that your life will end soon because of a terminal illness. When you’re still young, you have a lot of dreams and aspirations. Your death might cut short your plans. Apart from feeling emotional about it, you also worry about the people you will leave behind. It could be very stressful for you. You should settle your financial affairs. A viatical settlement is an option that you should consider now. What is a viatical settlement? It allows you to sell your life insurance and receive a lump sum payment. The amount might not be equal to the estimated value of the life insurance, but it’s good enough. You will have the chance to get money from the insurance. You can allow someone else to take it over and use the profit for medical expenses and other necessary payments.

You don’t want to leave a huge burden on your kids. Make sure that you settle your debts before you die. When you have medical expenses, you need to start looking at your savings so that your kids won’t have to think about where to get money to pay the doctors.

These tips will help you avoid stress as you try your best to recover.

Make amends

Find the people you have had trouble with in the past and try to make amends with them. You don’t know when you’re going to die. You need to ask for forgiveness from people you have had issues with in the past. There should be no more place for hatred and anger in your heart now.

Try your best to do the things you love

If you can still physically do the things you love, like painting or playing board games, you need to do them. These activities will make you feel alive, and remind you that you’re still capable of doing many things despite your illness.

Don’t think about your passing

You already know that you only have a few months left to live. There’s no point in continually thinking about it. You’re only going to punish yourself by looking ahead. Enjoy what you have now and be grateful that you still have time to spend with the people you love.

Travel the world

Why don’t you use your remaining time to see the world? There are a lot of places you hoped to see, and it’s not too late to make it happen. As long as it’s still practical and you have the physical strength to travel, you could do it.

Visit your relatives

If you have relatives residing in other places, you can try meeting with them to ask how they are. You can also inform them about your illness and the possibility that you will soon pass. It’s a good thing to reconnect with these people before you die and make them feel that you treasure them.

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