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Renovating a house doesn’t come cheap and the floor is usually one of the most expensive things you’ll have to replace. Usually what happens is that you decide to go for something more low cost you end up sacrificing the aesthetics. On top of this, you obviously want something practical that can endure spillages and scratches. We want to enjoy our lives through family travel and dining out, but if you’re breaking the bank to do renovations, this can be hard. Luckily, there are floors out there that have all of this and more. Lets have a look at them.

Engineered wood flooring

The huge popularity of this floor it thanks to its visual similarities with a real wood floor. Engineered floors are man made, but look identical to the real thing thanks to the top layer of authentic, solid wood. Engineered wood is made up of plywood and finished with that real wood top layer and a wear layer, to protect your floors against wear and tear. Engineered flooring is available in different species of wood including shades and colours. However, while they are similar in the way they look, engineered is far more practical than solid wood. It can withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations which gives you much more freedom when deciding what room to use engineered wood. Conservatories, basements and kitchens are not a problem for engineered flooring. The fact that the floor doesn’t expand and contract when there is temperature fluctuations also means you can lay down this floor with underfloor heating.

Laminate flooring

Laminate is a good alternative when engineered wood flooring is a bit over your budget. Laminate flooring is made of synthetic materials but replicates the look of real wood perfectly. Because of the way it is made, it is incredibly durable. The first layer of the floor called backing, which stops the moisture coming from the subfloor. The core gives stability, and makes it possible for the floor to stand a heavy footfall. The image layer is an incredibly high resolution image of wood that gives it its great looks. Finally, a wear layer is applied to protect the floor from scratches. As you can see, it is quite resistant and this is helped by its its waterproof properties.

Another noteworthy feature of this floor is its low maintenance. A hoover and or mop with a warm cloth should be enough to keep the floor clean. No nee to spend lots of money on expensive products, what you have at home it is enough to keep the floor looking brand new. As for the aesthetic side, laminate offers a lot of possibilities such as different species of wood and even tile.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor is the cheapest flooring for your home you can find. It is made of PVC among other plastic products and it is because of this, the floor is water and scratch resistant. For a long time they were seen as cheap and bad quality floor. But manufacturers have upgraded their game and they now offer amazing designs that imitate wood and tile alike. This floor is often recommended for family homes because it is totally waterproof, so will give you peace of mind in a busy home. Similarly, it’s nonporous state means it doesn’t trap dirt and dust ad a carpet would, making this floor amazingly hygienic. In terms of maintenance, a regular mop, sweep and hoover will do the trick.

So there you have it. Three floors that are very useful when you are tight on budget. The choice is yours as to which you’d prefer, but we hope this post has helped you in your search!

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