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Technology is becoming smarter and more intuitive which makes lives easier and people have more time to enjoy life while technology handles all the mundane everyday stuff.  Smart homes are already here and soon families will be able to leave their homes and the lights will automatically switch off and the air conditioner will know when to stop.

Even when people are away from home they can be alerted if there is someone in their house.  When they return the camera at the front door will know who they are and the door will automatically be opened.  These types of technologies are becoming the forerunner of the latest tech trends for 2018.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the star of all the large tech shows around the world which is a combination of software, algorithms and sensors culminating in smarter home appliances.

Intelligent Assistants

A great tech trend that is becoming very popular is Alexa.  Alexa is an intelligent assistant from Amazon and works by listening to voice commands and can do a variety of things like play music, do online shopping and even make a phone call.  Other companies have collaborated with Amazon to allow their products to be voice controlled.  Devices like light bulbs, car radio accessories, security systems, appliances and vacuum cleaners.  Companies have also developed apps that will work together with Alexa.  Amazon has also developed smart speakers, known as Echo, and this has increased the demand for Alexa.  Google, not wanting to be outdone introduced a speaker in 2016 to rival Echo and will be on show at all the major tech conventions this year.  Apple is in the process of releasing HomePod which works with their intelligent assistant, Siri while Samsung is set to release an extensive upgrade for their virtual assistant, Bixby.

Smart Homes

Smart homes are becoming smarter and home owners can find good quality accessories for their smart homes such as light bulbs, security cameras and thermostats.  Samsung is also set to unveil a smart fridge that will listen to voice commands.  Tech companies are promoting internet connectivity outside of the home as well.  Soon people will be able to find an empty parking bay using a sensor.  Someday the garbage can will be able to let the collection facility know that it needs to be emptied.  There has even been talk of street lamps that will be able to monitor pollution levels in the air.  Besides smart homes, smart cities are also being thought about.  A large consulting firm sees a smart city that is run using sensors in order to have a healthier and safer city that is also concerned with conserving resources.

Faster Internet

With all of this new technology many more devices will need high powered, faster internet that’s ideally suited to playing the online Baccarat Canada has to offer.  5G is up next and carriers of this have predicted a time when the internet will be so fast that a smartphone user will be able to download a full movie in just under 5 seconds, which is much faster than 4G.  5G will also reduce the delay between communication of devices and allow for very fast response times.

These tech trends are set to change the world we live in by making lives simpler and more efficient.  Life will soon be dominated by smart homes, cities and cars giving people more time to enjoy their lives.

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