Where to go Backpacking

Where to go Backpacking

Where to go backpacking

If you’re a fan of backpacking in order to see as much of the world as you possibly can, continue reading to discover a list of 5 countries which welcome backpackers.

Where to go backpacking: 5 Countries which welcome backpackers

1. Turkey

Not only does Turkey offer countless affordable hostels but Turkey also offers boasts a wide variety of bustling bazaars, where you can pick up inexpensive souvenirs. Examples of which include gold jewelry, leather goods, and handwoven fabric. If you’re keen on haggling for a great deal, make sure to visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which is the oldest covered market in the world and boasts a stunning 4,000 stalls.

Whilst in Turkey it’s also worth making a trip to the Pamukkale Thermal Pools, which feature terraced thermal pools, which are the perfect place to soak after a week exploring Turkey’s cultural and historical attractions.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand’s most popular cities such as Auckland, Wellington, and Queenstown all offer comfortable modern hostels, which are located in the heart of each city.

Better yet, New Zealand is an adventurer’s idea of paradise as New Zealand boasts plenty of opportunities to take part in outdoor adventures such as sailing, jet-boating, heli-skiing, hiking, and bungee jumping.

While the food in New Zealand may be a little on the pricey side New Zealand is well known for its cafe culture and is also world renown for producing high-quality seafood, red meat, and wine.

3. Rarotonga, the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is far cheaper to visit than Fiji and offers numerous backpacker hostels, many of which offer a wide array of on-site facilities and amenities such as bars, swimming pools, and beach volleyball courts. Some backpackers also offer complimentary kayaks, snorkel sets and stand up paddle boards.

One of the benefits of traveling to Rarotonga as a backpacker is that it only takes 45 minutes to drive around the entire island. Scooters can be rented cheaply and it only costs a couple of dollars to ride a bus around the entire island, which will allow you to discover your own private beach.

4. Albania

If Italy or Greece is a little too expensive for your backpackers budget, it’s well worth heading to Albania which boasts beautiful historic architecture, world-class beaches, and stunning lakes. The latter of which rival the picturesque lakes found in Switzerland and Italy.

How inexpensive is it to travel in Albania. A 3-star hotel will set you back around $20 per night and a 3-course meal in a decent restaurant will set you back around $5.

5. Nicaragua

If you’re keen on exploring Central America, it’s well worth traveling to Nicaragua which will allow you to live like a king or queen on a backpackers budget. One night’s accommodation in a resort-style town will set you back approximately $10 per night. If you’re a self-confessed foodie, you’ll also be able to enjoy a traditional Nicaraguan meal for a couple of dollars.

So if you’re feeling the urge to travel to a far-flung exotic destination, simply choose one of the 5 backpacker friendly destinations listed above, for an adventure of a lifetime.

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