Why Taking Photos While You Travel Is Important

Travel pictures have a bit of a bad reputation, what with people taking selfies or engaging in foolish behavior at popular destinations. Just recently, Russian authorities struggled to close off access to a toxic lake swarmed with internet influencers who want the perfect shot of themselves in the gorgeous, but deadly, turquoise waters.

We’re more aware than ever of the importance of living the experience rather than just snapping pictures of it. Does that mean we should give up travel photography? Not at all. Taking photos while you travel is actually important — as long as you do it right.

Taking a true photograph makes you more aware

We’re not speaking here of randomly pointing your camera at stuff and moving quickly on to the next thing. That’s not real photography. Taking a photograph, as opposed to snapping a picture, requires awareness of your surroundings.

A good picture is all about framing, and as you look for the right frame, you see what’s around you in a new light, from a different angle on an amazing view to the way children at play can perfectly complement the architecture around them.

Great photos connect you to the people you love

If you’re lucky enough to have the time, money, and freedom to travel, you want to share your good fortune with the people you care about most. We all know the stereotype of the person who comes back from vacation with a string of boring snapshots of themselves, but that shouldn’t be you.

As you share your photos instantly using your ibi made by Sandisk, you’re sharing a destination and your joy in being there, with the people who care. Just make sure you’re uploading pictures worth sharing.

Taking photos makes you more patient

Getting just the right photograph, as opposed to being satisfied with a slightly blurry snapshot, takes time and effort. We live in a world that tells us we should always get what we want instantly. If we don’t have an  instant reward for our effort, we’re tempted to shrug it off and move on to the next “hit.”

The truth is that anything great in life takes patience and staying power, and that’s true when it comes to taking a meaningful and memorable photo. You have to be willing to wait for the right conditions, and that very process teaches patience as you stay a moment longer to appreciate where you are.

You only get these benefits of travel pictures if you take good ones. Here are a couple of ways to take a great travel photo.

Reflect on where you are

What makes your destination special? If you’re visiting the Key to the South, you’re in one of the most significant locations linked to America’s Civil War. This kind of reflection helps you decide what to photograph.

Line up your shots

Thousands and thousands of people have taken photos of that mountain: what will make yours worth seeing is a unique perspective. Is there a “best side” to it or a gorgeous flower you can capture in the foreground? It might be worth the wait to capture it at sunset on a cloudy day rather than a clear sunny one.

Do people the right way

Don’t take a picture of yourself in front of everything. We all know you’re there. Take a few carefully planned selfies and pictures of your travel group, and the rest of the time get out of the way so that everyone enjoying your pictures later — including you — can see the reason you chose that destination.

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