4 Things You Can’t Go On A Cruise Without

Going on a cruise is much like visiting a mobile luxury resort. You get concierge service, including room service and housekeeping, all while travelling out on the open water. Most things that you need will be supplied for you onboard the cruise trip, but there are a handful of important essentials that you can’t leave home without. For one, every traveler needs cruise insurance to prevent against missing out on important dates or losing money because you can’t change your cruise booking. If you are going to be taking a cruise abroad, you will also need a passport. Make sure you have the next four things listed so that your cruise is a complete success

  1. List of Important Contacts

Whether you are going to be taking a solo cruise or you are hosting a family reunion out on the sea, you need to consider all of the least likely scenarios. Anything can happen while you are travelling, including foreign military action, accidents, and illness. Have a list of contacts packed in your luggage as well as in your wallet. This way, there will always be a way for you to be connected back to your life as well as to get in contact with your loved ones.

  1. Medication

If you take any kind of medication – even over-the-counter allergy medicine – you should absolutely take it with you on your cruise. First, your health is much better when you take all medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor. Second, if you are on a cruise, it will almost be impossible for you to get access to any important medicines that you need. From diabetics who need insulin to heart disease sufferers who require blood thinners, you simply don’t want to be in the middle of the ocean without your prescriptions.

  1. Cruise Insurance

Now, what happens when you get sick on a cruise? Thankfully, there will not only be an infirmary where you can be treated, but there will also be doctors and nurses on staff to treat you in case of a medical emergency. If you get cruise insurance, you will have all of your medical expenses covered, which is extremely reassuring if you are travelling far from home.

  1. Toiletries

Now, when you check into a hotel or go on a cruise, you can expect to see complimentary soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner neatly arranged in the bathroom. You might even find a travel sized container of mouthwash for you to use. On the other hand, there are some toiletries you’re going to need to pack up and take along with you for your cruise. Toothpicks, perfume, cologne, and other items that you likely use on an everyday basis simply won’t be available at the gift shop. The toiletries that you can find onboard your cruise will probably be extraordinarily expensive.

While you are putting all of your outfits together and packing your luggage, don’t forget about these four crucial things that you need for your trip. Once you have all the essentials together, you can focus on having a treat time at sea. So, get the hard work out of the way and prepare for a fun trip on your cruise.

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