Three Exciting Activities To Do At Lake Chelan

When it comes to Lake Chelan, one thing is for sure; there’s no shortage of exciting, outdoor activities.

Sure, you can choose to do whatever you’d prefer around the lake. Having said that, there are some very common activities that both visitors and locals alike enjoy taking part in.

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular activities to do around Lake Chelan.

Mountain Biking

There are a myriad of mountain bike trails appropriate for all ages and skill levels around Lake Chelan. Here, you will find trails ranging from gentle to extreme, which allows people to cater each ride to their specific abilities. You can access trail maps through the Chelan Ranger District and bike rentals in Chelan as well.


The Lake Chelan Valley offers a number of beautiful hiking trails. Just ask local resident Weston M Dillon Chelan, a hiking enthusiast and connoisseur. Hiking trails vary from mile-long loops to wide-open trails, and even to more arduous trails that can last more than a day. Some of the great views include a bird’s eye perspective of Lake Chelan, Stewart Range, the Okanogan Highlands, and the Columbia Plateau. You’re guaranteed to find what you like!


As a popular golf destination, Lake Chelan is home to two courses, with four others in surrounding areas. You’ll have access to beautiful courses in the midst of rolling hills and rugged mountains. Golf courses in Lake Chelan include some of the nicest fairways and greens. Don’t hesitate to make Lake Chelan your next golfing destination!

As you prepare to plan your next getaway, consider making Lake Chelan part of your agenda. Between the majestic mountain biking, beautiful hiking trails, and beautiful golf courses, you’re bound to find immediate fulfillment. Trust us, the lake will welcome you with open arms!

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