How To Really Enhance Your Ice Cream Sundae

The average sundae that you can order at an ice cream shop or old-fashioned diner is made up of scoops of vanilla ice cream and then dressed with canned whipped cream, crushed peanuts, chocolate sauce and a crowning maraschino cherry. If you want a dessert that’s more interesting and imaginative than that staple, here are three major ways that you can enhance your ice cream sundae.

Change The Container

When you want to upgrade your ice cream sundae, you will want to start by changing the container you are putting it in — do away with the traditional glass dish and choose a more creative vessel for your ice cream. You can create a citrus-flavored bowl by slicing an orange or grapefruit in half, scraping out the insides and then placing all of your ingredients in the hollow bottom. Another delicious idea is to make a homemade chocolate bowl — these are made by dipping balloons into melted chocolate, chilling them and popping the balloon.

Switch Up The Ice Cream

Switching up the main ingredient is an easy change that will end up making a big difference to your sundae. Instead of using scoops of plain ice cream, you should opt for mochi ice cream — this frozen treat is made of balls of premium ice cream that are coated with a soft layer of sweetened rice dough. You can always use a delicious vanilla bean mochi ice cream to replace the regular vanilla scoops, or you can use something far more adventurous like mango or green tea mochi ice cream. You can get boxes of MyMo Mochi ice cream in the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store at any time of year.

Other brilliant flavors of mochi ice cream that you should have as the main ingredient of your sundae:

Mint chocolate chip

Ripe strawberry

Cookies and cream

Double Chocolate

Replace The Toppings 

There is no need to stick to traditional ingredients like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, crushed peanuts and maraschino cherries. If you want some inspiration, here is a list of different sundae toppings that can be the delectable replacements that will give your sundae a necessary boost:

The Traditional Ingredient – 

Whipped Cream

What To Use Instead – 

Add sweetness with fruity ingredients like preserved peaches, poached pears, blackberry compote or lemon curd

The Traditional Ingredient – 

Crushed Peanuts

What To Use Instead – 

Add crunch with candied walnuts, toasted pepitas, smoked almonds, crushed pretzels or caramel popcorn

The Traditional Ingredient – 

Chocolate Sauce

What To Use Instead – 

Add flavor with wildflower honey, high-quality olive oil, balsamic reduction or stout

The Traditional Ingredient – 

Maraschino Cherry

What To Use Instead – 

Add a tasty final touch with brandied cherries, homemade marshmallow, toasted coconut or a sprinkle of sea salt

Think of all of the exciting sundae creations that you can put together with these interesting and flavorful replacements. You can dine on strawberry mochi ice cream coated in wildflower honey and toasted coconut inside a halved orange. Or you could indulge in a chocolate bowl full of double chocolate mochi ice cream covered in caramel popcorn, homemade marshmallow and stout. The edible possibilities are endless, so explore all of these ingredient options and make yourself an unforgettable sundae.

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