4 Awesome Places You Absolutely Must See While Visiting Arizona via Road Trip

Reality check: if you want to see Arizona right, you’re going to have to hit the open road.

An Arizona road trip represents a once-in-a-lifetime experience for out-of-towners, especially those who aren’t particularly familiar with the southwest. While you could always fly into a hub such as Phoenix, exploring the state on wheels is ideal as you…

Get up close and personal with the wilderness: pictures of mountain peaks and desert don’t do Arizona justice as the great outdoors needs to be seen to be believed.

Feel nature firsthand: if you want to try “feel” Arizona (the climate, the awe of the crystal clear stars at nighttime), you need to escape the confines of the city

Keep more money in your pocket: as an added bonus, road-tripping through the state and staying at its beautiful parks can help you save, too

Trekking by car? Renting an RV through a service like Outdoorsy? Awesome! You’re going to need to find some must-see spots for your itinerary to make your Arizona road trip worthwhile. Below we’ve outline eight options friendly to travelers from all walks of life.

The Grand Canyon

Okay, the top of our list might seem like a no-brainer, right? The Grand Canyon is the penultimate destination for any trip to Arizona, there are well over 227 miles of gorgeous to see in some way, shape or form.

The North, South and West Rims all offer distinct views of the Canyon in addition to tours that allow you to get closer to the action. The South Rim is oftentimes cited as the best spot for those traveling with children to the Grand Canyon due to its lower elevation and plethora of family-friendly activities as opposed to the other rims.

You don’t necessarily have to make the Grand Canyon an all-day (or even all-week affair), but make sure you make a pitstop to at least see it firsthand.

Meteor Crater

This landmark’s namesake is no surprise, home to a 37-mile impact of a meteor over 50,000 years ago. A natural marvel that has stood the test of time, Meteor Crater is located along historic Route 66 and is a sight to behold during your road trip.

Boasting its own RV park and discovery center, this is likewise an awesome place to stay with kids if you can manage a booking!


Famed for its red sandstones, bustling art community and endless hiking trails, Sedona offers something for everyone. It is very safe to travel here as well. Whether it’s exploring the likes or Red Rock State Park or experiencing some absolutely epic stargazing right outside the city proper at night, the beauty of Sedona is not something you want to miss.

Petrified Forest National Park

If you’re looking to experience Arizona’s badlands, look no further. A prime place to both hike and snag some awesome snapshots, visitors can expect to see diverse fauna and wildlife including various snakes and lizards. Although there are no campgrounds on-site, the forest’s proximity to Route 66 makes it somewhere easy to stop and take a long hike.

No matter what order you see these sights in, make sure to mark them on your map. And hey, if you don’t see them all your first time around, it’s all the more reason to explore Arizona again!

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