Chocolate for Each Season? Different Types of Chocolate to Try All Year Round

Most people assume that the period between October and March is the pinnacle of the chocolate-eating season. In some ways, this is true, but that is a rather limiting view of this tasty treat.

From Halloween to Valentine’s Day, many people love gifting chocolate to others, whether it is for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even to give out when kids go trick or treating. However, if you are a true chocolate lover, by limiting the kinds of chocolate you eat through the year (and not considering specialized flavors based on the seasons), you may be missing out, in a culinary sense.

So, what are the most eaten types of chocolate for those warm summer months? Plus, what about spiced flavors that you may not have considered? Read on for a chocolate lovers guide to eating this delicious treat all year round, without ever tasting the same flavor twice.

Spring: March-May

This time of the year is all about Easter and, depending on where you live in the world, Mother’s Day, making it a great time to try different chocolates and to gift them too. Indeed, for those of you who have mothers who love chocolate, you can even get them something a bit different from the standard bar by choosing chocolate subscription boxes, wherein they will be sent chocolates every month.

What kind of chocolate suits this season? There are few fruits on the trees, so usually, the common chocolates consumed will be truffles, Easter eggs, and of course, dark chocolates. Tasty.

Summer: June-August

Most people only eat chocolate in the summer if it is in ice cream, an ice cream bar, or an ice cream cake. However, this is a season when chocolate can truly be delectable. Just be sure that you store it in the fridge.

Summer is when chocolatiers become more inventive, and start mixing chocolate with honeycomb, fruit essences like strawberry and raspberry, and even dipping fruits into white and milk chocolate, giving an interesting twist on this tasty treat. Due to its color and taste, many people prefer white chocolates in the summer, giving you the option to try white chocolate with raspberry, strawberry, banana, and even different mints. Not something you will try every day.

Autumn: September-November

As Autumn dawns, the spices come out, in the coffee shops and chocolates.

Halloween and Thanksgiving bring about the big 3 spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. Indeed, ginger-infused chocolate is something that all chocolate lovers should try, as is pumpkin spice-infused white chocolate, which is chocolate you can eat every day. Chocolates also get richer at this time of year, as it gets colder, so be sure to try the darker, deeper truffles which may have a liquid spice center.

Winter: December-February

Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The perfect time for chocolates as gifts, or to eat.

Chocolate in this period usually goes back to the dark side, with added cocoa and milk to stave off the cold. Plus, of course, it is worth noting that alongside this, the truffles, caramel centers, and Belgian Chocolate makes the rounds, with many chocolatiers infusing alcohol and even salt.


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