What Are the Best Cities to Check Out in Ohio?

If you are planning a trip to Ohio and looking for the best cities to check out, there are so many great options in the state. Columbus and Cleveland immediately jump out as two of the top cities in Ohio, and you should definitely check them out, as there is plenty to do and see in both cities.

However, there are also so many smaller cities that you may have heard of, or may not have heard of, that are also worth a visit. So if you are planning a trip to the Buckeye State, be sure to check out these cities in addition to Cleveland and Columbus:


If you are a football fan, Canton is a must-see city in Ohio. Canton is considered the birthplace of American football, and is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Football fans from across the country should make the trip to Canton to check out the hall of fame.

There are also many things to check out in Canton aside from football-related attractions. There are many art galleries, boutiques, and bars to check out on your trip. And of course, if you are a history fan, you will need to visit the William McKinley National Memorial in Canton, which is the final resting place of President William McKinley.


You may have heard of Akron, Ohio, but you may not know a lot about it. It is located right between Canton and Cleveland, so if those two cities are on your list, you will easily be able to add Akron to your itinerary for a quick stop. Akron is located along a canal and has the nickname “The City of Invention.”

Some super fun attractions to check out while you are in Akron include the Akron Zoo, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, and the Akron Art Museum. If you have some spare time during your visit and want to be outdoors for a while, check out the F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm. If you are looking for evening plans, catch a show at the Akron Civic Theater. There is so much to do in Akron, and it deserves a place on your Ohio trip agenda.


Cincinnati is one of the “3 Cs” that make up Ohio’s major cities, and if you are planning to visit Cleveland and Columbus, you should check out Cincinnati too. Cincinnati is located in southwestern Ohio on the bank of the Ohio River.

If you are a sports fan, you can check out a Bengals or Reds game. If you prefer attractions besides sports, there is so much to do in Cincinnati, including the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, and Findlay Market. If you enjoy your visit to Cincinnati so much that you want to stay, there are many apartments for rent in Cincinnati.

If you are planning a trip to Ohio, you will probably want to see the 3 Cs: Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. However, keep an open mind and check out some smaller cities like Canton and Akron, and you are sure to have a fun trip across Ohio.

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