3 Travel Tips For Your Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon is so exciting, and often a vacation is much needed after all of the stress a wedding can cause. No matter where you plan to go, as long as you are with your new spouse you are going to have a great time! That being said, travel can still be stressful even if it’s for a great reason! Here are 3 travel tips for your honeymoon.

Leave The Ring At Home!

Although it can be tempting to bring your engagement ring and wedding band with you on your honeymoon, this might be a terrible idea depending on where you are going. Consider leaving your ring at home entirely unless you have a good plan for where to keep it during certain activities. You may plan to bring a ring box or a different type of vessel for it, but this can also be problematic as oftentimes these things still enable rings to get lost easily.

Since this item is not only expensive, but also likely very sentimental as it is representative of your brand new marriage – it could be best to leave it somewhere you know it will be safe and won’t fall into the ocean, off a cliff, or end up in any number of other places you wouldn’t want it to.

Make Decisions Together

You may get carried away with planning your honeymoon travel plans because you have a certain idea in your head about where you want to go and what you want to do, but remember that this is meant to be a trip for both yourself and your spouse and in fact is the first of your marriage. Many people believe that the honeymoon sets the tone for the entire marriage, so make sure to be mindful of your new spouse’s thoughts and feelings regarding this.

Talk about where you want to go and be sure not to spend any large amounts of money on your honeymoon accommodations unless you discuss it together first. Marriage is all about compromise and respecting each other, and this is your first opportunity as a married couple to show one another how good you are at that.

Take Advantage Of Deals

Airlines, hotels, cruises, restaurants, and many other companies sometimes offer special deals to people who are on their honeymoons. Take advantage of these specials if possible as they can save you a lot of money. Keep a copy of your marriage certificate or some other proof of marriage on hand just in case anyone asks to see it – though seeing the love on your faces may be enough for them to know you are telling the truth!

Just because your wedding is over doesn’t mean the fun has to be! Aside from all of the good times ahead of you two together in life, you also get to celebrate on an amazing honeymoon. Hopefully these tips help to make planning it a little less hectic!


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