Things To Do In Cairo, Egypt

A majority of the travelers consider visiting the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx as the ultimate highlight of a visit to Egypt. While this may be true to some extent, the fact is that the capital city of Cairo is a wonder in itself despite the presence of the illustrious monuments. This busy metropolis can become intimidating at times, but like it or not you have to give Cairo a go.

Take a camel ride around the pyramids

The top attraction of Cairo and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids of Giza have to be seen to be believed. The appeal of these over 5000 year old burial chambers will be more significant if you take a camel ride around them with the owner explaining the history to you.

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Gawk at the Egyptian Museum

Almost all the ancient treasures of Egypt, painstakingly salvaged from temples and tombs are housed in this greatest museum in the world. One can view the best collection of artifacts of the world from the mummified bodies of the pharaohs to the gold burial mask of King Tutankhamun. Definitely one of the top notch places to see in Cairo.

Marvel at the Hanging Church

Ancient Christian roots amid modern day churches make for a fascinating visit to the Coptic area of the city. The Hanging Church, perched above the Roman Ruins is a stunning piece of architecture. Other places worth seeing are the Coptic Museum, Cavern Church and the synagogue of Ben Ezra.

Stroll the streets of Alexandria

Egypt’s second city also has some hidden gems and being just an easy couple of hours ride from Cairo makes for an excellent place to spend a day. A leisurely walk in this beautiful Mediterranean town can cover the museum, the famous library and many different cafes.

Enjoy an evening of music

The opera venues in Cairo come alive every evening with several open air performances offering great musical shows. Apart from just the opera, there are famous music centres like Makan, the Cairo Jazz Club and the Space Art Room. Another must do attraction of Cairo.

Check out the belly dancing show

Cairo is famous the world over for the belly dancers and their spectacular performance. Though a bit of a splash, costwise, it is well worth the money spent. To add to the glamour, the show is best combined with a glitzy dinner.

Take a cruise on the Nile

No trip to Cairo can be deemed complete without a cruise on the longest river in the world, the mighty River Nile. There are many vessel options to choose from but nothing can beat the ride in the legendary felucca. You will sail in this traditional sailing boat just as Cleopatra did centuries ago, for a truly enriching experience. After your trip to Egypt you might want to try booking some cheap flights to India in anticipation of exploring another historically rich culture.

With a history so unique, it is easy to understand why people fall in love with Cairo.The crowds may look daunting, but the energy experienced in this city known as ‘ Mother of the World’ is out of the ordinary.

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