The Freedom Of Exploring Sydney Alone

Travelling anywhere alone used to be seen as something of a stigma. However, nowadays as more and more people lead increasingly independent lives, it is becoming commonplace. Some cities lend themselves as more of a solo travel destination than others and Sydney is one of these cities. Solo travel has untold benefits for independent travellers, a few of the most obvious are listed below:

  • Food and Accommodation individual choice. No checking with others or getting approval, simply picking the most favoured accommodation or cuisine with no arguments.
  • Free Itinerary – Going where you want when you want is a massive boost for many and frees them from the normal constraints.
  • Attractions – Again, solo travel enables the individual to see exactly what they want with no worries regarding budget or considering the tastes of others.

The above are just three reasons why people choose to travel alone and one the reasons why solo travel is gaining in popularity across the world.

Focusing on Sydney as a destination for solo travellers, please see below for a few popular tourist activities that can be done alone.

Sydney Sights and Activities for the Solo Traveller

The list below barely scratches the surface when it comes to things to see and do for a solo traveller in Sydney, the city really is your oyster.

  • Taking to the Sky in a Helicopter – A helicopter trip is definitely an activity you can do alone. With the amazing Sydney vista to gaze at from hundreds of feet in the air, there’s simply no need to go with anyone else unless you want to. Sydney helicopters offer a wide range of sightseeing tours, from Sydney at night all the way to lunch trips at vineyards in the countryside. This particular activity should be on every visitor to Sydney’s bucket list.
  • Whale Watching – This is one attraction that doesn’t make it to many people’s itineraries when they visit Sydney, but that’s their loss. The annual migration of the magnificent humpback whales is a sight to behold and truly one of the nature’s most magnificent sights. You can go out on a chartered boat tour and witness this spectacle as they travel south to north or north to south, precise seasonal timings can be found online or with the operator. Book in advance!
  • Walking Tours – Taking in all the main attractions that Sydney has to offer, a walking tour is something that is actually best done solo as you don’t get distracted. The Sydney Opera House is a staple of every walking tour and your guide will be able to provide with a detailed history of the opera house and other places of interest.

For more ideas, simply looking at some Sydney tourism websites or take a look at Trip Advisor. You should find enough to occupy yourself for a day, a week or even a month, all you need to do is decide what and where to eat!

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