5 Points Why You Must Pick Off-Campus Living Over Hostels


One of the first crucial decisions that you would have to make in your student life would be choosing your accommodation. Where would it be? Your On-campus dormitory? Well, that’s the first thought that would convince you, but then again, these spots are the first ones to go. Moreover, do you want to spend your life’s four most-lively years cramped up on a dormitory bed?

Following are a few reasons why an off-campus living solution is the best bet you’ll get:

  • Lesser rules: Did we mention that on-campus accommodations come with some of the strict-most rules you would find? No, we didn’t! But let us take you there now. There is a particular time by which all students must be in bed. There is a specific time to eat, shower, relax, and perhaps, if they could, they would pit a particular time to breathing too. However, when you rent an apartment outside the campus, it’s truly your own kingdom. You can do things your way, and with much lesser restrictions, life becomes alive.
  • Chance to explore: When you stay inside the campus for most of your college life, you don’t get out so often. Your college campus becomes your world. While the campus itself can be a huge land of thousand of acres, there is a whole wide country outside for you to explore. Living in your own space gives you the energy to plan out escapades far out of the city.
  • Independent attitude: Since everything in a hostel dormitory is paid for, you do not get to taste what it is like to be an adult who pays their bills monthly. When you rent your apartment, you have to look after yourself. This may sound risky, but that is a risk worth taking! Eventually, after some months, you would grow into liking it. You would learn how to take care of your diet, your finances, your sleep cycle, your studies, all at once.
  • Chance to make friends beyond school: Your on-campus room would restrict you to college students. You would only be able to network among batchmates or at the farthest, your seniors/juniors. However, when you stay in the city, you have so many opportunities to meet enigmatic people. You may end up making friends with your roomies, your co-passengers on the commute back home, your neighbours, your gym buddies, and there are so many strangers with the potential of becoming friends. An extrovert’s dream!

However, you need to exercise caution when you make people, your friend. You would also need to be diligent while looking for a house, and that’s why you should only trust well-established online rentals. To know more about one such web aggregator, visit the website.

  • Less problems: When you sign up with hostels, you are stuck in it for a longer time. However, with off-campus apartments, you get to do a trial. You can decide to move to another place if this one doesn’t suit you. Moreover, since you are the one running your place, there are better chances that you will get everything your way. From the fairy lights, you want in your room too when you eat what, you will get the privilege to choose. This is more than what most students get in a hostel.

We hope this article has helped you understand the need to look for off-campus accommodation, which is not only easier to adjust to but also more fun. You would need to be cautious before you sign in for the longer contract; this is why we recommend going in for a trial stay.


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