The Best Places to Eat in Tokyo

If you’re recently interested in booking a trip or plan on traveling to Tokyo with companies like JustFly, you’ll want to try out some of the best places to eat. Whether you’re looking for the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo or a cafe where you’ll be able to play with animals, simply continue reading to discover a list of the best places to eat, during your stay in Tokyo.

The Best Places to Eat in Tokyo:

1. Sushi Saito

If you’re keen to sample some of the best sushi that you’ll ever eat, you can’t go wrong heading straight to Susi Saito which is a prestigious 3 star Michelin restaurant. Sushi Saito is located in Saito in the Ark Hills South Tower, however, if you’re interested in booking a table, it pays to book online, months in advance as bookings are extremely hard to come by.

2. Sushi Masuda

Sushi Masuda is another sushi restaurant which is well worth visiting and has been awarded 2 highly coveted Michelin stars. If you make a booking 3-4 weeks in advance, you should be able to book a table at Sushi Masuda.

3. Nemuro Hanamuru Sushi

If you’re not phased by the idea of eating at a Michelin star restaurant and simply wish to try delicious, fresh sushi, you may want to try eating at Nemuro Hanamuru Sushi, which is one of the top-rated sushi train restaurants in Tokyo. If you’ve never been to a sushi train style restaurant, you’ll love being able to grab whatever dishes you like, off the sushi train conveyer belt.

4. Tokyo Ramen Street

If you’re interested in trying flavorful Japenese ramen, make sure to visit Tokyo Ramen Street which is an underground section of a mall which features not one but eight different ramen shops. Once you’ve chosen a ramen store to eat in, make sure to purchase a ticket from one of the vending machine outside of your chosen store, in order to gain entry to your ramen store.

5. Mizuho

Mizuho is a popular Japanese confectionary store where you’ll be able to pick up a wide array of sweet Japanese treats. As an example, Mizuho offers some of the best mochi ice cream in Tokyo and offers mochi in a multitude of creative mouth-watering flavors.

6. Oiwake Dango Hoppo

Oiwake Dango Hoppo is another highly rated Japanese confectionary store. Some of the delicious treats which you’ll be able to purchase at Oiwake Dango Hoppo include dango which are soft, glutinous, sweet, textured rice balls as well as the store’s authentic, traditional rice cakes. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to purchase mochi ice cream from Oiwake Dango Hoppo.

As Oiwake Dango Hoppo also specalizes in making green tea, it’s also a great idea to purchase some green tea to wash down your sweet treats.

7. Hakushu Teppanyaki

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, head to Hakushu Teppanyaki which is one of Tokyo’s top-rated teppanyaki restaurants. What makes teppanyaki restaurants unique? When you visit a teppanyaki restaurant such as Hakushu Teppanyaki, your chef will cook your food for you in front of you on a large hot plate. Many teppanyaki restaurants also incorporate interactive elements, where you’ll be tasked with trying to catch items such as a fried egg in a bowl.

Better yet, not only is Hakushu Teppanyaki a unique, fun experience but it’s also open late and serves a variety of Japanese beverages such as saki, to pair with your meal.

8. The Hedgehog Cafe and Pet Store

For a uniquely Japanese experience, make your way to the Hedgehog Cafe and Pet Store which is located in Harajuku and gives diners the unique experience to get up close and personal with a few pet hedgehogs before enjoying tea and a meal. In order to protect yourself and the hedgehogs which you touch, you’ll be given a pair of gloves to wear, while you handle the Hedgehog Cafe’s prickly pets.

9. The Tokyo Snake Center

If you’re feeling brave head to the Tokyo Snake Center, where you’ll be able to enjoy food and drinks and spend time with a snake which you’ll be able to handle. Each table is given a snake to handle, free of charge and you’ll be able to switch out the snake which you’re given if you’d prefer a different breed of snake. If you’re curious all of the snakes at the center are healthy and well taken care of.

10. Robot Restaurant

Finally, it would be a shame to visit Tokyo without dining at the famous Robot Restaurant. The Robot Restaurant is unique as it features a robot show, where you’ll get to watch robots dance as you eat.

Hopefully you’ve found at least one fun eatery, which you’re excited to try out on your upcoming trip to Tokyo, Japan.

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