Volunteering Abroad is Uncomfortable but Rewarding

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You might not feel confident to volunteer abroad while waiting to enter university or right after graduating from college. You think that it’s too much for you to handle. You will be away from home for a couple of months to a year. If it’s your first time to be away from your family, it’s not going to be easy.

Despite all these obstacles, the plan to volunteer abroad is still worth pursuing. You will receive lots of essential lessons from this experience that you can use not only for your university life but as you continue a career after graduating. You’re also getting an experience your classmates in college probably won’t. For most of them, they will only have a chance at a real-life job once they intern during their last year in college. You will have the opportunity now to work in a real-world setting.

You might have to sacrifice a year or so, but it’s okay. You will have the chance to meet other people and learn their language and culture. Since you’re not only travelling for fun, you will have the opportunity to be of help to those in need. You will go to underserved places that need education, healthcare, and other basic needs.

Once you come back home after your year abroad, you will feel satisfied. You sacrificed a year of studies, but you will end up with more learning than anyone else in your class. Even at university, most of the things you will learn come from books. You only see the world through pictures and videos. Your experience as a volunteer allows you to see the world through a different lens.

Embrace the uncertainty

You won’t know what lies ahead if you accept this challenge. You might worry that you won’t do the job well, and you will end up getting homesick. Before you conclude that you will fail, you need to give this opportunity a shot. Once you’re there, you will learn to accept the challenge and pursue your mission. It also helps you see the conditions of the people living in those areas. Your compassion for them will be more significant than your fear of being away from home.

You will understand the plight of many people

The reason why several problems exist today is that many people fail to see the real world. The ones in government positions don’t understand what regular people are going through. If you volunteer abroad, you will have a rare chance to see the suffering of other people. You will also see how hopeful they are that their lives will change, especially with the aid of someone like you.

If you already feel convinced consider being a volunteer abroad with Frontier you never know where this opportunity could take you. For most volunteers, though, their experience volunteering abroad inspires them to help even more in the future.

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