Summer Caravan Trip Ideas and Tips

If you’re excited about the prospect of embarking on a summer caravan road trip, continue reading to discover a few fun ideas and tips that will ensure that you have the time of your life.

Summer caravan trip ideas and tips:

1. Make sure to pack a pack of cards, a stack of books and a few board games for your summer trip

If you want to use your caravan trip in order to make memories with your friends or family members, it’s well worth switching your smart phones off and using old school forms of entertainment from your childhood, to help you keep occupied in the evenings.

As an example, you’ll be surprised at how much enjoyment you’ll get out of playing card games around your caravan’s dining table with your travel companions and how competitive you can get playing Monopoly with your family members in the evenings.

2. Consider traveling to several national parks in one trip

If you’re able to take more than a single week off work, why not try and visit a couple of national parks in a single summer road trip? If you plan on traveling with kids, they’ll love ticking different national parks off their bucket list, while if you plan on vacationing with friends or a partner, you’ll enjoy being able to explore the great outdoors and getting to hike, canoe and fish to your heart’s content.

3. Alternatively start planning a coastal summer road trip

If you love spending your spare time swimming, surfing, snorkelling and playing volleyball and soccer on white sandy beaches, you may prefer to plan a coastal summer road trip. Where you’ll be able to visit a few different beach towns. All of which will offer their own unique charm and some of which may offer cute boutique stores, cute cozy cafes and friendly local bars.

The latter of which are the perfect place to strike up conversations wit the locals who you’ll meet on your journey.

4. Don’t be afraid to stay in one destination for an extra night, if you fall in love with it

As you never know which destinations you’ll fall in love with, don’t be afraid to alter your trip itinerary slightly and to allow yourself to spend an extra night or two in destinations that you love. Or which feature events or festivals that you may want to stay on, to experience first hand. As sometimes it’s not till you get to a destination that you find out what local events will be hosted that same week.

5. Consider writing a blog in order to keep your social network up to date with your adventures

One way to ensure that you remember every minute of your summer road trip is to write a blog, where you can share your favorite stories and photos from your road trip with your friends and family members.

If you’re lucky some of your contacts, who have travelled to the destinations which you plan to visit, may even leave comments on your trip blog, in order to give you insider tips about some of the best attractions and eateries to visit in each town.

So if you’re excited about the prospect of planning an epic summer caravan getaway, it’s well worth using this handy guide and visit Camp Smart for caravan accessories that will help you get started with planning your trip!

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