Ideal Destinations for First Time International Travellers


If you are preparing for your very first holiday abroad, it is most certainly an exciting time. To actually see and experience how other cultures live is far more than just an eye opener, and as first impressions count, you should give your very first destination choice a lot of thought. Having a bad experience first time abroad will do little to encourage a repeat, and with that in mind, here are some great first-time travel destinations that are guaranteed to please.

  • A Trip on the Famous Trans-Siberian Railway – This iconic railway has it all; adventure, mystery and a glimpse into many unique cultures. You can get on board the express train traversing the Trans Siberian railroad from Moscow and travel to the far east of Russia to Vladivostok, and with branches that go to China and Mongolia, you can really experience many cultures. Prior to making any bookings, you should carry out some online research, which will help you to plan the ideal holiday. There are established tour operators who know the Trans-Siberian Railway like the back of their hands and with their expert advice, you can easily plan the holiday of a lifetime over the Internet. A Google search is all it takes to make contact, and they will even help you obtain the visas you will require for the journey.

  • A Caribbean Cruise – This is very much regarded as the ultimate holiday package and would make for an ideal starting point for the first-time international traveller. If you are based in the UK, for example, there are tour organisers who can book you on a ship that berths in Southampton, or you could always fly to Miami, which happens to be the main port for the start of a Caribbean cruise.

  • A European Getaway Holiday – This could be a flight to Amsterdam or another European city, which includes a busy itinerary that is organised by a tour company. That way you do not have to worry about the small details, and once you have a few foreign holidays under your belt, you can be a bit more adventurous. If you are not too keen on flying, why not take the Orient Express? This will allow you to see and experience many European countries in a unique way. You could really make it a holiday to remember by combining it with a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

  • A Cycling Holiday – There’s no better way to explore than on two wheels, and if you are based in the UK, you can easily book a European cycling holiday with an online tour operator. Not only will you get to see some amazing natural beauty, you will also get fit into the bargain, and whatever your age, there will be organised groups of likeminded people.

If you have yet to visit a foreign country, any of the above ideas are an excellent way to start overseas holidays, and once you have sampled the unique cultures that can be found around the world, nothing will stop you from travelling the world.

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