See Europe’s Wild West in Almeria

Almeria is something of an oddity in Spain. While the country is famed for its hot weather and clear beaches, most wouldn’t typically associate it with deserts and the wild west. That can’t be said for Almeria. This area is closer to the Wild West than the actual old west of America. It has even served as a soundstage for the west in many films over the years. Even outside of Hollywood productions, the history of the region in the Spanish Civil War makes it a colourful place to live. It is one of the hottest and driest places you can find in Europe, if you’re a glutton for the sunshine then you’ll enjoy a visit.

Plenty of places in Spain hold a claim to fame from the events of the Spanish Civil War, but few bare the evidence that Almeria does. If you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary in Spain, then Almeria is a great place to start.

The Old West

The climate and landscape of Almeria are perfect for recreating the feel of the American West. So much so that studios frequently decided that it was easier to film here than to head to the actual American west. While the desert itself is pretty hard to miss, there are some specific spots fans of Westerns should head to.

The sets built for the films A Fistful Full of Dollars, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and A Fist Full of Dynamite are all still standing in Almeria. You can head out on tours to see where Clint Eastwood filmed some of his iconic roles.

The Desert

Almeria’s biggest resemblance to the almost mythical Wild West is the impressive Tabernas Desert. It is one of the few deserts in Europe and the most authentic to the cowboy myth.

Temperatures in the desert rarely go below 19 degrees. It is near-constant heat here. Almeria’s fun bars are a blessing when you’re in Europe’s driest city. With an annual rainfall of 200 millimetres, the existence of this desert isn’t much of a mystery. The rolling sandstone landscape is a sight to behold, something that can easily be reached from Almeria.

The Civil War Tunnels

Andalusia is a city in Almeria with a, particularly tragic past. It was the last stronghold of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. Because of this, it received merciless bombings that devastated the area. To escape the near-constant bombardment of the fascists, over two and a half miles of tunnels were constructed in the city.

This underground labyrinth is an impressive feat of engineering and one that is still standing today. The vast majority of it can be visited in guided tours. You can also be sure when walking around the city that you’re never far from standing on top of an important place in Spanish history.

Staying in the Desert

Property for sale in Almeria isn’t always located in a desert. Although those hoping to spend time in the sandy wilderness will likely find themselves drawn to property for sale in Almeria. Access to the Tabernas draws in visitors and those who permanently want to stay in the dry region. Others will come primarily for the food. If you don’t feel up to playing cowboys, then the region has plenty of beaches on offer with great nightlife. Property for sale in Almeria is a particularly attractive option in Spain since it gives you the variety of typical Spanish life with that exciting element that comes with the history of the area.

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