Making The Most Of a Trip To Fiji: Top Things To Experience

When people think of the South Pacific, the island nation of Fiji is one place which pops up in their minds. An archipelago known for its stark beauty and Polynesian culture, the experiences available here have the potential to turn your trip here into the holiday of a lifetime.

Give the places and activities listed below a try, and this might be the case for you.

1) Lounge on its amazing beaches

Sitting in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji has more than its share of paradise beaches. While you no doubt will spend plenty of time at the one alongside your resort, make an effort to get out to places like Natadola Beach.

A white sand gem in an island chain which owes its existence to volcanism (meaning many actually have black or grey sand), it stands out from its colleagues in spectacular fashion.

With crystal clear waters, palms which sway in the breeze, and waves which are surfable when conditions are right, it is an incredible place to spend the entire day.

Sunset Beach is a great option if you are staying on Mana Island. It is a white sand beach as well, and it is known for having excellent snorkelling opportunities just offshore. Just be sure to wear surf shoes before going in the water, as broken pieces of coral along the bottom can easily cut your feet.

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2) Stroll through the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Blessed with a year-round wet tropical climate, Fiji is a paradise for flora of all kinds. There is no place in this island nation which shows this off better than in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

Here, you’ll stroll through what was once the private garden of the late actor Raymond Burr – as you push into the heart of this sculpted rainforest, you’ll walk past rare orchids, alongside ponds with giant lilypads, and hear the croak of toads which have called this place home for aeons.

3) Feel the mist of the Tavoro Waterfalls

Sick of your sun lounger? Get away from the beach for a day on your vacation and experience the power of the mighty Tavoro Waterfalls. While they plunge from a respectful height, their gorges are safe for swimming. The lowest falls drop from 24 metres above, giving it a presence which can draw crowds on weekends.


If you want to beat the crowds, head to the highest tier – while it only drops ten metres, it has a double-barrelled appearance and only a few locals and savvy travellers can be found here.

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