Make Travel Easier For Your Family In 4 Simple Steps

Summer — it’s the perfect time to get away. The forecast promises clear skies, the kids are out of school, and you’re due your two-weeks paid vacation. There’s only one thing standing between you and an amazing holiday: the daunting task of watching your children in a foreign city. This small detail convinces many parents to hold off on their dream trips, opting for stay cations with the kids.

Looking after your kids while you’re trying to relax or sightsee can take a lot of work, but it shouldn’t discourage you from making the most of your timeoff. You can have the best of both worlds if you plan it right. Whether your plans involve flying to another continent or simply driving to a neighboring state, these tips will help you travel with kids without losing your cool.

1.Adjust your expectations

Step number one of enjoying your holiday is setting realistic expectations about what you can and cannot do. While the vacations of your youth may have involved intrepid backpacking and staying at questionable hostels, you have a family now. Your children aren’t up to these adventures, nor do you want them staying at scuzzy hostels.

There’s also an issue of money. Travelling with four or more costs a lot more than when it was just you. You need to accept that you’ll need to change your vacation style to meet your family’s capabilities. Trade in your backpacking tour for a kid-friendly resort. These travel packages offer an easy and affordable way to get away that caters to parents with young children. Though they take minimal effort to plan, they aren’t the only kid-friendly ways to travel. If you’re willing to do some research, you can vacation all over the world with your kids in tow.

2.Get them involved

A grumpy child on vacation is often irritable because they feel as though they have no control over the trip. You can help prevent this bad attitude when you get your kids involved. Ask what they want to do while on holiday. They’ll have a sense of agency over their vacation when you listen to their suggestions and incorporate some of their ideas. (Remember, you’re still the adult here. You have the final say should you have to nix one of their more inventive ideas). Once you brainstorm activities together, they’re less likely to think of the vacation as something you’re dragging them along for and more likely to think of it as a holiday they want to experience.

  1. Make distraction packs

A collaborative approach to the vacation can help keep your kids excited about the day ahead. However, it can be hard for your children to hang onto their enthusiasm when faced with hours of travel time. There’s nothing worse than trying to manage restless and grouchy children while stuck in ametal tube that’s 30,000 feet in the air, so make sure you come prepared.

A distraction pack can banish boredom and keep your kids occupied during long flights, road trips, or train rides. Your Galaxy S9 provides a great foundation to this pack, as you can fill it with a bunch of kid-friendly apps, games, and educational activities to pass the time. If you have a tablet or iPad, you can take advantage of its larger storage by filling it with movies and TV shows.

Travel isn’t always kind to your gadgets, but don’t let the threat of damage to these expensive devices stop you from bringing them along. If you’re worried about scratches and scrapes, check in with a company like dbrand. They create protective skins for a variety of devices. Each one is made to measure, so your Galaxy S9 skin will only fit Samsung’s flagship, while your Microsoft Edge skin will only fit this tablet. The newest skins from dbrand include colors and textures your children will love. Their kid-approved true colors, black camo, and carbon fiber Galaxy S9 skins will keep your tech protected throughout your holiday.

4.Find kid-friendly activities

Wherever you end up going, how you spend your time abroad is another important consideration. If you fill up your time with “grown-up” activities, you’ll find yourself juggling restless and cranky children in no time. That isn’t to say you have to steer clear of traditionally boring tourist destinations. Most galleries, museums, and other learning centers cater to children of all ages by providing special activities, workshops, and interactive tours like what you can find at the MoMA. Some even provide drop-in events that double as daycare, so you can leave your children with activity leaders while the grown-ups tour the grounds on their own. Do some research to find tourism info for families to see which locations will best suit your needs.

A few butterflies in your stomach before a big vacation is normal. A sinking feeling of dread is not. Don’t let your jitters about travelling with kids ground your dreams for a holiday this summer. Plan accordingly around your kids, and you’ll be able to take off stress-free.

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