Calgary to Edmonton Flights – What You Need to Know


Do you currently live in Canada or are you planning a trip to the country and are wondering how to travel from Calgary to Edmonton? Well, you can consider the option that takes you to your destination in the shortest possible time — book a flight from Calgary to Edmonton.


Taking flights between these two Albertan cities is fast, safe, and convenient.

In this article, we explain why we think you should consider taking flights from Calgary to Edmonton, how much the trip will cost, and alternative means of travel to move between these cities.

Visit for details. But for now, let’s get into our reasons….

4 Reasons to Consider Taking a Flight to Edmonton from Calgary

Here are the top 4 reasons why air travel between cities like Calgary and Edmonton is often recommended:

1. Speed

This seems way too obvious, right? But not everyone takes advantage of this important factor. Being the fastest means of transport, air travel can help you cut down several hours of a trip into only a few hours and sometimes minutes.

More so, traveling across oceans from one country to another without air travel may take several months. Medically, the speed allows the easy transport of important health materials like medications and even organs to patients who need them elsewhere.

Imagine how frustrating it will be to make frequent business trips between cities without air travel – traffic jams, road rage, driving distractions, and more.

On average, it will take you 51 minutes to go from Calgary to Edmonton by air. The distance from Calgary to Edmonton by air is about 240 kilometers. Meanwhile, it will take you 3 hours and 3 minutes to get to your destination, if you are traveling in a car. The shortest possible duration by bus is 4 hours 5 minutes.

2. Safety

The thought of being suspended in an aircraft makes people anxious and it is understandable why that happens. What’s more? The fatality of the historical air crashes can close someone’s mind to air travel. However, contrary to popular opinion, traveling by air is relatively safer than other forms of transport.

Studies show that the chance of someone dying in an air crash is 1 in 9,821. It is 1 in 114 for a car driver and 1 in 654 for a car passenger.

The reason air travel is safer is that the aviation industry is heavily loaded with regulations and standards that must be met for airplanes to get off the ground.

Considering the times we are in, you can also read about the COVID-19 restrictions in the Albertan province before you go on your trip.

3. Comfort

Another benefit of air travel is that they are more comfortable. Of course, flights aren’t the most comfortable means of transport especially if you fly with a budget airline. But in comparison to traveling in a car or by bus? Flights are more comfortable.


4. Possibility of socializing

Since most airlines ask passengers to put their mobile phones on flight mode (and only a few offer free Wi-Fi), you will be forced to unplug from the internet space. No Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram till the flight is over.

What to do? If you don’t mind making a new friend, you can start a conversation with someone sitting close to you. Who knows? Your new friend may become a reliable business partner after. It is also possible for you to meet your spouse on a flight.

So, in the absence of an internet connection, you can make the most of a boring flight by socializing with others.

How much do flights from Calgary to Edmonton Cost?

The average cost of a cheap flight from Calgary to Edmonton is about C$300. However, note that because plane tickets tend to fluctuate with market demand, this price can vary daily and even at different times of the day.

To get the best airfare, ensure that you monitor the prices closely before the day of your trip. And who knows? You may be lucky to find a really good price.

You can click here to get live flight updates, traveller information, and more from the Calgary Airport Authority’s official website.

Alternative Options to Air Travel from Calgary to Edmonton

You can travel from Calgary to Edmonton by airline, a bus, car, or a private transfer. However, traveling by air, bus or car are the most common ways of getting to Edmonton from Canada.

With that being said, the choice of what means to travel between these locations in Canada is often based on personal preference. For instance, since air travel is the fastest means of transportation, you may choose to go to Edmonton from Canada by air because you want the shortest trip you can make.

Also, if you are considering a road trip with family and friends, then road travel is the only option you have. You can go in a car or truck if the company is small. But going by bus will be a better road travel option if there are more than 5 people for the trip and you want everyone to go together.

Let’s explore alternatives to air travel.


Traveling by Car

If you will be driving from Calgary to Edmonton in your car, the journey is about 300 kilometers long. You’ll go through some small towns and cities that you can explore if you are not in a hurry. However, the trip will be slightly shorter if you leave from an area in Calgary that is close to the international airport.

You can opt for a car rental service in Calgary if you don’t have a personal car.

Traveling by Bus

Think you’ll prefer to be driven rather than having to drive, then you can opt to go to Edmonton by Bus. Because it is one of the busiest and easiest routes, you can easily find a good bus for your trip.

There are many bus companies available that take passengers to Edmonton and back that you can check.

Traveling by Private Transfer

If you want a more comfortable and classy way to relax while you are being driven to your destination, you can choose the more sophisticated limousine service.

Thankfully, there are a few good professional limo service companies that you can consider that up to CAD 100 cheaper than air flights. Visit to learn more about private transfers.

Traveling by Rideshare

You can also consider a ridesharing trip. Rideshares on this route are usually the cheapest of the alternatives to flight travel. The prices are about $30 for a single trip.



Flights are the safest, most comfortable, and fastest means of transport from Edmonton to Calgary. However, depending on your preference, there are other alternatives to flights that you can consider. Just look for the most suitable for you. You can also make your trip memorable by exploring some of the exciting places on your route.


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