Fantastic Mobile Games to Pass the Time

Mobile games are quickly becoming a part of our day-to-day lives. Portability is perhaps the primary reason more people turn to mobile games, especially as smartphones continue to favor consumers. The best part is that mobile games can be challenging, soothing, if not both, with a range of genres to choose from. You can find games that tickle your brain, keeping you engaged for hours to beat boredom and relax. There is no shortage of fantastic mobile games to pass the time, from the classic block and puzzle games to re-imagined versions. Here are some of the must-try mobile games to spice up your pastime quests.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Inspired by the classic Jigsaw board games, the mobile version offers various options to accommodate your exquisite taste. From animals, art, nature, among others, you’ll enjoy a pool of choices that makes the gameplay more fun. Beat the game, either as a beginner starting with easy levels that feature fewer pieces to put together, or a pro dealing with numerous puzzle pieces, up to 400, to create the intended image. Daily puzzle quests make the game more exciting. You also get to choose a custom background, ensuring that you aren’t staring at a monotonous interface as you solve the puzzle.


Dots is a simple but fantastic puzzle game to pass the time. The idea is simple; connect the dots. You accomplish this by drawing a line and connecting same-colored dots, which clears them, earning you points. You can draw the line vertically or horizontally or make a square to score more. Following your preferences, you can choose between timed play, moves, or an endless mode where you can play for as long as you need.


Sudoku is another classic puzzle game that you can now play on your phone. The gameplay is the same as the classic games you’ve played in magazines/newspapers. Sudoku features a 9X9 grid, where you place numbers between 1-9 without repeating any on a square, row, or column. The mobile version offers other creative functionalities such as pencil it off or erasing and accessing hints to ensure that you continue the play when stuck. With various themes to choose from, you won’t be stuck on a dull interface that can make the process boring.


Tetris is one of the oldest games and is now available on mobile devices. Over the years, Tetris has stood the test of time, proving that it is a fantastic game. The goal remains the same; you stack tetrominoes to clear the lines and destroy as many lines as possible to keep the grid clean. While based on a simple idea, avoiding the inevitable that ends the game is challenging. You can quickly get hooked by the game, spending hours to beat your high scores. With mobile Tetris, you don’t have to stick to single-player mode; you can try other features such as last-one-standing matches against other players or invite friends, chat, and compete in private matches.

Mobile games have exploded over the years, becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Regardless of your taste, the extensive market has you covered with a range of fantastic games to pass the time.

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