Best Sports Holidays For The Whole Family

Going on holiday should be about relaxation, of course. But just because you’re relaxing it doesn’t mean that you can’t combine holidays with healthy exercise. There are many excellent destinations around the world that integrate sports and relaxation, allowing for you and your family to get fit even as you enjoy luxury accommodation.

Here are some outstanding holiday locations that integrate sports into their daily schedules. All these resorts are sports focused, but don’t necessarily demand that exercise be the focus of your stay.


Little is as rewarding as enjoying a horse ride along the beach, especially when it happens to be one of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Located in Portugal, EPIC SANA Algarve is all about getting fit in the most enjoyable ways possible. The resort is absolutely focused on fitness, but you do still have the option to enjoy excellent meals cooked by world class chefs. Some of the activities offered include yoga, palates, cycling, and other regular exercise classes.

Paradis Plage

The name may be difficult to pronounce, but there is nothing difficult about deciding to visit Paradis Plage in Morocco. The lavish resort skirts a crystal-clear ocean, thereby taking full advantage of everything water sport related.

This is a prime destination for surfers, and for very good reason. Though don’t let the rustic exterior fool you, Paradis Plage offers all the bells and whistles. You can enjoy some kayaking, then head back to your room to jump on the free WiFi, browse for an online casino sign up bonus, and enjoy a few games on your tablet.

Marbella Club

Another astonishingly beautiful resort, Marbella Club is also focused on healthy activities. The speciality is tennis, with 10 professional courts on the premises. Expert instructors help amateurs learn tennis or assist tennis enthusiasts on reaching the next level. It’s all part of the package, and a wonderful way for the whole family to focus on themselves for a few days.

Though, tennis is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the other healthy options include golf, horse riding, water sports, hiking and more. The Thalasso Spa is also on site, offering the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.


Of all the resorts on this list, the last is perhaps the most recommended. BodyHoliday is a resort that is, unabashedly, fully focused on getting you and your family healthier. Even so, the resort also has a firm focus on making healthy activities completely family oriented. There are parents versus children sporting tournaments, regular so-called beach-a-thlons, and even all-inclusive cooking classes. Yes, cooking classes. BodyHoliday is about more than just offering healthy activities, its dedicated to teaching adults and children how to live healthier lives in general.

Some of the activities offered include water skiing, cycling, sailing, scuba diving and more. An impressive selection, especially when taking into account that the accommodation is 5 star. It really doesn’t get much better than this for the family looking to get healthier in the most entertaining ways possible.



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