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Sailing has always been an attraction to humans from the ancient ages. The attraction to the new lands made people interested to make newer types of sailboats. From the middle ages to till date, humans have manufactured different types of boats to sail through the ocean.

Some of them are smaller in size whereas some of them can carry lots of people. There are some boats too to spend time with the family while sailing through the deep blue sea. Here are some of those sailboats which you can use to create some memories with your beloved one to relish throughout your life.

  • The Schooner

The use of masts to take the ship forward is a very popular technique. The schooner is such a water vehicle that sails with the help of wind and the masts. These work as the gears to the vehicle to move it forward and backward. It is capable to sail with a good number of passengers in it. These vehicles are cost effective and save lots of fuel. It is one of the most popular sailing vehicles in the Caribbean islands.

  • The Brigantine

This sailing vehicle also sails with the help of wind and masts. The brigantine is very popular in the high seas. Previously lots of merchants used to sail on it for their business. It is of medium size with two main masts. The masts stand on fully squared rigs that are stripped down. On the other hand, these brigantine boats are very popular among couples. A group of friends can hire such a boat and can sail over the ocean to spend their holidays in Europe. You will see such brigantine boats in the northern part of Europe.

  • Cutters

Cutters are medium-sized sailboats that contain two masts. The main one is attached near the stern which helps it to sail for long-distance destinations. Though these sailboats are actually used in different sailing competitions, you can use it for recreational purposes too. Your time will fly away with your beloved on such a sailboat watching the beauty of blue water of the sea.

  • Sloops

There are some similarities between the sloop and the cutters, but the design of these two sailboats are actually different. Sloops also have two masts out of which one is located at the middle of the boat. It additionally contains a fractionally rigged sloop to give place to the sails just at the bottom of the top part of the mast. This special type of design facilitates more control over the boat as well as improved performance.

  • Yacht

One of the most beautiful and powerful vessels to use for different purposes like cruising, taking part in competitions as well as joy rides. Imagine taking a yacht charter in Greece, and sailing round the hundreds of tiny islands. Here you can have cabins to spend several days too. The yachts are of different sizes to use for different purposes. It is very popular in the European countries for day outs with friends as well as family.

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