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The English elite and the significant number of affluent merchants and factory owners formed a taste for visiting Italy and seeing the fantastic places of the ancient classical period as early as the 18th century.

Crossing France to Marseilles and then taking a cruise along the coast was one of the most convenient ways for travelers to reach Italy on their “Grand Tour.” The tiny port of Nice was one of the stops along this sea journey; the coast here had an unusually mild climate, and it wasn’t long when some English tourists began to consider wintering in this picturesque spot between the Mediterranean and the Alps.

It was much more fun to remain in Nice than to head back to a cold, humid English winter at a time when modern central heating had not yet been invented. Tourism in the Mediterranean had begun. By 1820, Nice had a sizable British settlement. In 1822, during a particularly harsh winter, the Reverend Lewis Way wanted to hire local laborers to build a beautiful walkway alongside the shore.

Locals dubbed it the “Promenade des Anglais,” or “English Promenade,” a seaside boardwalk that was France’s first handcrafted tourism infrastructure, apart from inns and hotels. The railway arrived in 1864, making Nice much more available from Paris and northern Europe. Nice hasn’t looked back yet.

Nice has continued to draw affluent tourists, and more notably mass tourism, from across Europe and the rest of the world, thanks to its fantastic climate. Russians became one of the first visitors, and many Russians have called Nice a second home since before the 19th century. The Russian Orthodox cathedral in Nice, now owned by the Russian Federation, is among the city’s most beautiful structures and the greatest Russian Orthodox cathedral in the continent.

When the first English tourists came to Nice, the city was not part of France but of the Kingdom of Sardinia, which encompassed what is now largely Italian territory. The County of Nice was not ceded to France until the Treaty of Turin was signed in 1860. Learn more on this page.

As a result, Nice and its environs have a culture and customs similar to those of Italy. Local specialties all across Nice have a noticeably Mediterranean and Italian flavor. If you want to visit Nice, you should think about trying delicious meals and drinks and admiring the gorgeous architecture and landscapes that are a part of the city. Do you know how you can see everything without relying on buses and taxis? It’s easy. Simply rent a car. Here are some of the reasons why:

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Driving is among the best ways to get a true sense of your vacation spot, and since you are in charge, you wouldn’t have to think about when to begin or where to finish your trip. You are free to make so many more pit stops as you want, stopping to take photos and enjoy the scenery. You can save money on gas by renting a car instead of driving your own car, particularly on long car rides.

Many people go on tours where a tour guide explains all the tourist spots and landmarks, but you don’t have to rely on that. You have everything online, and a simple GPS can take you anywhere you want. A rental car offers you that freedom. Check out this link if you are curious to learn more!

Improved performance and safety

Rental cars are frequently in much better condition than your own vehicle. Rental cars usually have lower mileage and are regularly serviced to guarantee that you have a comfortable and enjoyable drive while on holiday.

Another thing you can rely on is 24-hour emergency car rental services, including flat tire support, towing service, and urgent fuel delivery in the event of system failure (which is uncommon, but anything can occur on vacation). This is good to know because even if you happen to run into a problem, it will be quickly dealt with. How amazing is that?

You have the option to drive around and discover Nice as much as you want. You can even use the vehicle for a couple of days, not just one.

Select the vehicle you want

You can select the type of vehicle you need for the trip based on the type of vacation you’re taking. You can choose from a variety of car groups provided by rental car companies. So if you want a 4×4 or a luxury sedan, you have plenty of options to go through. Renting a car also allows you to test drive a vehicle that you are thinking about buying. You will get hands-on experience driving the car and will be able to test its comfort and efficiency.

Traveling on a budget

If saving money on plane fares is a top priority for you and your family, renting a car might be a perfect way to do so. Look for car rental agencies that provide low-cost rentals, which are also good for long road trips and are easy to drive. Suppose you rent a car from a reputable company. In that case, you can expect decent gas mileage and save a significant amount of money on your holiday. Selecting a car rental company that does not charge refueling fees is also a good way to save money on your holiday.

It is convenient for international travelers

If you’re traveling to a new country for the first time, renting a car can be a cost-effective and convenient mode of transportation. Some companies also provide valuable services such as cellphone and GPS rental, making navigating in a new location much easier.

Make sure you research the numerous car rental companies in the region thoroughly. Ensure you rent a car from a reputable company that provides convenient pick-up and drop-off options. Before renting a vehicle, make sure you are familiar with the country’s driving rules and have a legitimate International Driver’s License. If you travel internationally regularly, search for car rental companies that provide loyalty programs that provide discounts and lower rates.


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