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The world is becoming highly advanced day by day. Calling it anything else than a digital transformation would be an understatement. We believe the transition to a more technical and digital landscape is now becoming a norm for everyone. We’re a single click away from fulfilling our digital needs, no matter how unique.

Thanks to the internet, we don’t have to see the light of day to finish all our tasks and achieve all our goals anymore. We can do it all sitting from any corner of the world. However, to stay connected with the outside world and achieve all our digital goals on time, we need a super-fast internet by our side at all times. Xfinity is a top US-based internet service provider striving to provide a fast and stable internet connection across the country.

Xfinity Internet Plans

Finding the right internet provider might seem like a challenge. The top-rated network isn’t just fast and smooth, it’s highly reliable as it’s listed as one of the fastest internet services in the US. It snatched the 38th position on the list! Fast, reliable, and cost-effective! What more would you want?

Listed down below are some Xfinity internet plans that’ll help you make an informed decision! There are a total of 7 plans to choose from. (Price and availability vary by region and contract duration)

  • Performance Starter

Price: $24.99

Download speed: 25 Mbps

  • Performance Plus

Price: $39.99

Download speed: 60 Mbps.

  • Performance Pro

Price: $70

Download speed: 200 Mbps

  • Blast! Pro

Price: $80

Download speed: 300 Mbps

  • Extreme Pro

Price: $60

Download speed: 600 Mbps

  • Gigabit

Price: $84.99

Download speed: 1000 Mbps

  • Gigabit Pro

Price: $299.95

Download speed: 2000 Mbps

Xfinity Contracts, Fees, and Equipment

Xfinity Contracts

We know that location-based charges can turn infuriating, nonetheless, the best part is that Xfinity offers no-contract deals for you to enjoy. You can choose to leave out the contract and enjoy the service as you may. You’ll have complete freedom to cancel out your Xfinity subscription anytime you want by paying only $10 more each month. Their no-contract deals are costlier but commitment-free.

You can sign the contract offered if you’re sure about sticking to the service for at least a year. This way, you’ll save up to $120 the year you sign up. It all depends on what the subscriber would rather want: the freedom to cancel the subscription or save a few bucks!

Xfinity Service Fees

Just like every other internet service provider, Xfinity charges a service fee for its services. For your ease, we’ve listed down the fees you might have to pay upfront.

  • One-time fees: It’s important on your part to understand which one-time fees you’re expected to pay before you place an order. For instance, Xfinity charges its subscribers an activation fee. Negotiating with the team to lower fees is always recommended.
  • Professional installation: This fee goes up to $89.99. A maintenance team would be assigned to help you with the installation process. You can also avail of the service on the weekends as well as nights. Nevertheless, one thing to be mindful of: the professional installation fees vary from location to location. Contacting the Xfinity customer service beforehand will help you make an informed decision.
  • Self-installation kit: The kit costs $15. Reaching out to the Xfinity customer service might help you get the self-install kit at a lower price or even for free!
  • Termination fees: Xfinity subscribers have a 30-days “money-back guarantee” period to cancel after signing up for any Xfinity 12-months internet plan. In case there’s a cancellation after the 30 days, you will have to pay a service fee for the remaining months left of your contract.

Equipment fees

Many subscribers wanting unlimited data, sign up for the xFi program. It comes with a home Wi-Fi and Xfinity xFi gateway modem. The whole program costs 25$ a month, but if you’re just renting the xFi gateway modem, that is relatively cheaper and it’ll cost you $13 a month. You even have the option to buy your modem and save money in this area.

Final words!

Xfinity offers a great service and even better customer service! Subscribe to any of its plans and enjoy fast and reliable internet anytime anywhere!

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