More than words: why CBD oil benefits are worth listening to

When you hear about CBD, the first thing that you think of is the ‘Cannabinoid’ factor, and that it has potential connotations of Cannabis, aka. the drug. However, CBD oil is something completely different to Cannabis. Instead of thinking about all of the dangers of CBD oil, it’s time for you to consider why it has been legalised in the first place. CBD oil has a range of benefits that are completely worth listening to. Here are some examples of why.

Pain Relievers

Marijuana has actually been used as pain relief as far back as 2900 B.C. If you are looking for natural pain relief then CBD oil is a great thing to try. Not only can it help you regulate natural body functions, such as sleep, appetite, pain and your immune system, but it can impact your endocannabinoid receptor activity, meaning that you are less likely to feel the effects of chronic pain. Instead, you can relax and actually regain your strength.

Chronic Pain

Adding on to our previous point, it is important to realise that CBD oil, especially from established suppliers like VSAVI, is not just for minor pain. But it can also soothe chronic pain, such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. A study of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis took it for a month and found that there was an improvement in the pain they felt during movement – and it made them feel less restless before going to sleep. This means that those who suffer from a long-term ailment now have a chance at experiencing relief.

Reducing Mental Disorders

Now, when you think about cannabis, you may think that it ultimately causes paranoia and anxiety. However, CBD oil can actually provide relief from it! Not only is CBD oil non-addictive, but it has been safely used to treat insomnia and anxiety even in children with post-traumatic stress disorder. This is because CBD oil reacts with the brain’s receptors and encourages it to create more serotonin. That is why if you take CBD oil you may find that it is able to help you relax, and naturally lift your mood.

Healthy Heart & Blood Pressure

Another benefit that you can’t ignore from CBD oil is in relation to how it can affect your blood pressure. As it can help you relax and lower your stress levels, this means that you are more likely to have lower blood pressure. This means that you will have a healthier blood circulation and be less likely to experience a bodily inflammation, stroke, heart-attack or even metabolic syndrome.


If you have been struggling to get yourself away from an addiction, such as with alcohol, drugs or smoking, CBD oil could be your best chance of quitting an addiction for good. This is because CBD has been showed to modify specific circuits in the brain, in relation to substance abuse and drug addiction. As CBD is not addictive, it can ultimately replace the rush of your previous kick and can be even made to take like the drug itself, i.e. tobacco. This will likely ween you off your addiction and help you move forward.


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