How to Stay Fit While Traveling!

If you don’t want to undo all of your hard earned progress in the gym while you’re traveling, simply keep reading to discover 5 incredible tips on how to stay fighting fit while traveling. As contrary to popular belief it’s definitely possible to maintain your fitness whilst traveling.

How to Stay Fit While Traveling: 5 Tips to Ensure That You Maintain Your Current Level of Fitness

1. Choose to stay at hotels which boast modern fully equipped fitness centers

If you choose to stay at hotels which boast on-site fitness centers, you’ll have no excuse not to work out and can choose to make a conscious decision to wake up an hour earlier each morning, in order to get a proper work out in. Alternatively, some hotels offer 24-hour on-site gyms, so you can squeeze a work out in before you sleep.

2. Complete body resistance exercises in your hotel room or a local park

If you don’t have access to weights, in order to maintain a toned, well-sculpted body, simply follow a yoga or Pilates video, which you can find for free on YouTube. If you plan on completing body resistance exercises in your hotel room, you can use a towel or a rubber bath mat, instead of a yoga mat, to give your back a little bit of cushioning.

Alternatively, simply complete sets of lunges, squats, push ups and sit ups in your hotel room. Aim for 10 repetitions of each exercise per set.

3. Ask your hotel’s concierge or reception staff for pleasant areas to run through

No one knows the area directly surrounding your hotel better than your hotel’s concierge. If you’re unsure of safe areas to run through, which are located within walking distance of your hotel, simply ask your hotel’s concierge or reception staff for recommendations. As a bonus, you may discover a stunning beach, lake or park to explore as a result.

4. Consider hiring a bicycle for half a day

One way to explore a city is by hiring a cheap bicycle for a half a day as you’ll have the freedom to stop as many times as you want. As an example, you may choose to stop at a local eatery which is popular amongst the locals, for a healthy meal that is far more delicious than a meal that you’d pay for at a restaurant which is aimed at tourists.

5. Make sure to pack proper workout gear, which will motivate you to work out

If you pack a pair of shorts and a dry fit top and a pair of sneakers, you’ll be far more likely to work out than if you only have casual gear to work out in such as a pair of Converse. Also make sure to pack a cap, if you plan on running outdoors. It’s even worth splashing out on expensive stylish work out gear, that you’ll find any excuse to wear.

So if you’re a self-confessed jet-setter and are keen to maintain your current level of fitness, it’s well worth following the 5 tips listed above.

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