Useful Facts to Know When Visiting Ontario

Ontario, a province in Canada, is famous for many things. The country’s capital is found here as well as their renowned tourist attraction, Niagara Falls.

Although densely populated, it retains the beauty of nature in addition to the buzz of city life. It offers many tourist opportunities for both the adventurous individual and a family looking for fun.

Activities in Ontario

Depending on the weather, Ontario offers a wide range of activities. During winter, there are quite a few fun things to do outdoors. You can go skiing, skating, or snowmobiling. If the weather is too cold, there are some indoor attractions, like hockey games, theater trips, and other cultural activities.

There are numerous lakes or rivers to explore during the warmer seasons where you could go fishing, paddling, or have a picnic. Kids may also enjoy a visit to the amusement parks. Irrespective of the weather, there are many sites to see and iconic landmarks to visit.

Top Attractions

Here are a few attractions, from a very long list, to consider:

Niagara Falls

When you speak about tourist attractions in Canada, you cannot help but refer to Niagara Falls. Visiting this majestic location never gets old. If you have seen this site before, you definitely would want to experience it again.

There are a few ways to experience this wonder of nature. You could either choose an up-close experience by taking a boat ride, or you could navigate your way through tunnels found behind the wall of water; this is called the“Journey behind the Falls”.

Another option is to view it from above by taking a helicopter ride or wait for night fall and watch the falls light up. All in all, the Niagara Falls experience is unforgettable.

CN Tower

This tower is another famous landmark. You can travel up to 33 stories to experience the best views of the city. For those a little bit more daring, you can make your way to the 113th floor, where you can walk across a glass floor which is approximately 2..5 inches thick.

Then for the real adventurers, you can take a walk on the edge of the building while being held in place by a harness. A dream come true for a thrill-seeker with nothing between you and the ground but air.

Ottawa River Rafting

In the Ottawa Valley, also known as the Whitewater Capital of this country, you will find a selection of rafting companies to choose from. You do not have to be an experienced paddler to enjoy this activity. There are various difficulty levels in the river, and a professional guide will be with you all the way.


Like the many attractions, there are also many different options for potential accommodations to choose from.

They range from budget-friendly to luxury. Either resorts or lodges, hotels or inns, cottages or B&Bs, and camping or glamping. All offering comfort and a pleasant experience for you and your family. Here are a few:

Resorts and Lodges

Many resorts that are kid-friendly and suitable for any season, all offering a perfect family getaway. One such family resort is Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville. They offer arts and crafts programs as well as a fun indoor play area.

For adults who want something a little quieter, Heather Lodge, situated in Minden, is a kid-free resort with amazing views.

For those who love the great outdoors, there is Kesagami Wilderness Lodge on Kesagami Lake. They offer you an Ontario wilderness experience with some fishing on the side.

Hotels and Inns

There are some hotels in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto suitable for both family or the individual. For a more romantic getaway, Sterling Inn and Spa might be ideal.


If you want something more informal and layback, perhaps a cottage or chalet will suit you better. Then for something totally different and for a chance to destress, you could arrange a farm vacation. These accommodations offer you a B&B option in the farmhouse or a self-catering stay in one of their cottages.

If you have a family you want to visit in Ontario for an extended period and see the sites, you could also consider renting a house or an apartment. This is referred to as a short-term rental.

If you’re renting for an extended period then you might consider getting a tenant insurance which can cover all your valuables as suggested by If your landlord has building insurance, it won’t cover your personal items.

In Closing

So, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Ontario has both the activities and accommodation to suit your needs—everything from riveting adventure to relaxing spa days.

This province has it all, and it will make your stay a memorable one. Don’t miss out on the Ontario experience. Adventure awaits.



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