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When you’re going on vacation, always choose one conducive to your personality. Nothing is worse than spending money on a week-long trip that consists of everything you hate.

Road tripping through the country is a great way to utilize your new driver’s license. Since you passed your California Driver’s Ed, you can travel to anywhere you’d like. The only question now is: where will your personality take you?

Adventurous Spirit

If you consider yourself to be adventurous and up for a journey, then consider traveling to the cultural hotbeds of the country. Large metropolitan destinations always attract diversity and culture. This will allow you to get a taste of delicious foods, arts you’re not used to,discover what car you would be based off your personality, and cultural festivities. D

Great destinations include San Diego, New York City, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Washington D.C. Visiting these cities will expose you to experiences that will fuel your adventurous spirit.

Introverted Getaways

Sometimes getting away from people is the best part of vacationing. When you easily become drained from meeting people and crowded areas, then taking a trip somewhere isolated will best match your personality.

You can find plenty of beaches, islands, national parks, and, even the middle of the desert, to be the best vacation ideas. Joshua Tree in California is a great example of falling into an introverted paradise. You can also soak up the sun in Key West, Florida. Alternatively, visiting one of the many coastal, boating towns in New York will offer you a nautical themed escape.

Bustling Busy Bodies

Some people feed off the energy of city life. Whether you’re people watching, checking out urban art, or getting joy from hopping on a subway, taking a vacation trip in a metropolitan city is your ticket to a great getaway.

Cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Austin are major cities that offer their own, unique style and culture. You can engage in local art, breweries, or just ride a public bus all afternoon.

Energetic Extroverts

Some people want to blow off steam when they go on vacation. If you enjoy flashy nightlife, dancing, and thrills, then consider visiting some of the biggest entertainment hubs in the country.

Cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Orlando are known for their entertainment. Between the high-end bars and the plethora of theme parks, you can find plenty of activities that will keep you engaged on these trips.

Sophisticated Travelers

Some people want to be inspired and, maybe, earn a bit of wisdom on their getaways. There’s plenty to be gained from perusing museums, art galleries, or maybe even enjoying some opera. Not to mention seeing renowned plays on (and off) Broadway.

New York City has everything you need bundled up into one, congested metropolitan area. If you’re tired of seeing NYC on this list, then you can also visit Nashville, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. These cities have popular arts district that will have everything thinking you’re a little bit pompous.

Off the Grid Aficionado

What about the people who just want to escape and get off the grid? You can easily get lost anywhere in the country, but you might find the most enjoyment out of certain small to mid-size towns – even national parks.

Asheville, North Carolina is popular for hikers and campers alike. You can even visit the countryside of Montana or travel along the mountains in Colorado. If you’re really looking to get off the grid, then maybe even wonder off in any direction in Alaska.

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