The Graceful Greece: Top Destinations You Must Visit In This Beautiful Country

It is safe to say that we are all aware of the Greek gods as we often come across them in popular culture and literature. As much as we are fascinated by the mythos, the fascination is justified especially if you’ve visited Greece. Likewise, this place is not only the source of all the outlandish stories but also a place to adore for its majesty. It is governed by a series of islands which has found itself surrounded by the serene water bodies. The islands are filled with white and dainty buildings that shine almost like a pearl as they bathe in the sunlight. The towns are charming and hold a unique identity of their own. You can visit Ocean Elements to check out some of the amazing curated trips to Greece. Just mark up your calendar, clear your schedule and pack your bags with your favourite clothes, for this trip that you’ll embark on is going to be an interesting one.`

 1. Acropolis 

Acropolis is the political, cultural and also the historical capital of Greece. This city is one of the main attractions of Greece which is known for its diversity and the glittering marble. The marble glitters as the sun reflects off it with all its charm. Athena, the Greek goddess also has a statue erected here at Acropolis. The architectural enthusiast will find joy to visit as it has some of the best architectural splendours from ancient times.

 2. Santorini 

This crescent-shaped island was formed due to some seismic shift that happened decades ago. The island holds its own majesty offering you with a dramatic view of the open sea that almost conquers the heart of every tourist that visited this place. Step on the rocky caldera and take a moment to appreciate the scenic beauty that it has to offer. The town of Santorini is located at the edge of the island which means that it is open seaward. Enjoy your day sipping on martinis and watching the setting sun. This place also happens to be the favourite destination for couples to get married.

3. Crete

It has been labelled as one of the oldest kingdoms to have ever existed that perished due to the Santorini volcanic eruption. This place used to be the thriving ground for the ones who perished. Visiting Crete will give you a comprehensive insight into the lives of Minoan people and how their culture operated some 5000 years back. While you visit the Minoan king’s palace, you can learn about the cultural backgrounds of that place. This will indeed be a walk to remember.

4. Delphi

One of the most beautiful places that you can visit here is Delphi. This place has sweetly and unapologetically held itself near the edges of MT. Parnassus which previously used to a very famous pilgrimage spot. People came here from around the globe to pay their respect to Apollo who is the god of light (according to Greek mythos). The oracle of Delphi is also famous and was frequented by visitors who wanted to have a glimpse into their future. It is one of the most historically relevant places in the world. If you are visiting the Acropolis, don’t forget to make a stop for Delphi as it surely is worth that extra 180 miles from the capital city.

5. Epidaurus Theatre 

This used to be the space that was dedicated to Asclepius, the famous god of medicine. His sanctuary is also constructed near the theatre. Have a seat at this theatre and imagine the performances being played out as it used to during the ancient times. This corroding theatre still manages to hold its charm and is frequently visited by tourists from various places in the world. It was constructed back in the 4th century and is located near Epidaurus, Argolis.

6. Macedonia

Macedonia is the second largest city in Greece and this place greets you with warmth. This city has its history of being diverse culturally. You can have a nightlife which is astounding compared to other places. Don’t just party, pay a visit to the archaeological museum and bid adieu to your night with a spicy eastern cuisine. Then contemplate as you take a night stroll through the beach town or you can just head towards the beach if you are in dire needs for seclusion.

7. Olympia 

Olympia is definitely the place that you should be dropping by especially if you are near Peloponnese. It is stated to have the most important sanctuary built for Zeus. Even in present times, the tradition of carrying its flame for the Olympics is taken care of while being lit from the temple of Hera. Olympia is a quaint place with a lot of pine trees that govern the nearby area. Take a walk down the town as you learn more about the history of their culture and traditions. You can also get a glimpse of how the lives of heroes were who lived here.

8. Balos Beach 

Travelling can get monotonous so take a short break for a few hours and relax your time away at Balos. This place is located amongst the islands of Crete. This place has a large number of lagoons which means that you can participate in the various underwater activities. You can even rent a boat for touring the outer lining of this island.

9. Corfu Island 

Home to the famous Corfu trail, this island has some exciting activities to offer you. The trail usually takes almost 10 days to complete. But this will help you regain some energy and bring back the fervour for more adventure. There are dirt tracks which will help you traverse the trail easily. But the silver lining to this hike is its backdrop which will astound you with every passing moment.  You won’t feel the need to travel with someone as your eyes will constantly be pampered by the beauty of this entire trail. Hiking is daunting for some, so be sure to check up on your health stats before you sign up for this.

10. Parga 

The motorways have recently made this place more accessible as it is much closer to Athens now. Located on the western coast of Greece, it is a place for those who want to have the ultimate island experience. There are a number of unconventional places to visit, from that list be sure to check out the temple of necromancy which is often considered to have a link to the underground world. The river Archerontas is right beside the temple which now is the hub for various water sports activities like river rafting. You can also go for small hiking trip following the gorge through which the river runs.

The experience can’t possibly be summarized within the list of activities, so be sure to visit this place. There is always something more than it meets the eyes. Relive and experience the culturally diverse Greece. Drown yourself with activities that are going to be your next anecdote for your house party. Greece is an experience and let’s hope that you are addicted to what this place has to offer.

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